Friday, August 29, 2014


Happy Friday everyone!

There has been lots of good stuff happening around
here lately and I have enjoyed enjoying it…..
I promise to resume a more regular blogging
routine next week when both my girls return to school.

This weekend holds lots of fun….we will celebrate
my girl who made me a momma SIXTEEN years ago
this coming Monday…..she was born 4 weeks early on 
September 1, 1998……I have always said her early
birth was an indication of her fiesty personality…..couldn't 
even wait to be full-term…she had things to do and accomplish
in this life….and mostly it has proven true.   She began
her sophomore year in high school this week, made the
varsity soccer team and is really a joy to parent at this 
stage of her life.  She will celebrate her birthday with 8 of her 
closest girlfriends at a fondue restaurant and 
then a sleepover at our house…..good stuff!

Wishing you all a fun-filled holiday weekend!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Thoughts and Ramblings…..because it's Friday!

 That time of year has finally come to our house…
back to school.

My sophomore's first day is Monday. My 7th grader
is lucky and is spared the dreaded day until the
day after Labor Day. {She gets a week to 
rub that fact in to her sister.}

As a momma, I can get caught up in thinking about
what my girls' growing up means for me…..
  {I still find it really hard to  believe
I have a sophomore in high school and that my baby
will  be a 7th grader.}  But this summer has
provided many opportunities for me to remember that
it is not about me, it's about them…….

Raising girls is not for sissies…….you dream that they will be 
confident, kind, smart, ambitious, hopeful, brave, 
funny, uninhibited, moral, driven, conscientious, 
good decision makers….and so many other adjectives!

And I am proud that so many of these seeds have taken root
in my girls…..but oh, their ages, peers, media can challenge everything and
anything that we have helped them become…..

My girls are very different… is naturally self-assured
{sometimes when she has no business being so}, the other has
 struggled with her identity and who she really is.
I have to say this was the summer of break-throughs for 
my struggler - Praise the Lord!  It is a wonderful thing
to watch your child really figure out who they are, 
what brings their being to life, embrace their uniqueness as
special and worthy…..ah, no feeling like it all!

And then there is the high schooler…..I hear sophomore year 
brings some changes…..driver's licenses, friend shifts,
facing sometimes moral decisions {ahem}, school gets harder,
there is more at stake……Those adjectives listed above will be tested, 
I predict……My girl is strong but has a soft heart and I know
sometimes through her tough girl exterior she hurts, is stressed
and has tinges of self-doubt……I know this is totally normal.
Heck!  I am OFTEN stressed, hurt and have feelings of self-doubt.
But boy, would I like my girls to be spared of all of that crap!

This week tested both my girls in many ways……it was
tryout week for both of them - one for volleyball and the other soccer.
It was a week filled with stress, anticipation, self-doubt, exhilaration and
mixed-emotions, but ultimately, a good lesson in practicing all 
those adjectives listed above………
They both ROCKED it!

Sophomore year and 7th grade……here WE come!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A gallery wall is always the answer!

My clients often struggle with what to do with large walls above their sofas.

The easy solution is often one large piece of art…which is fine.

But my local client {and friend} had some fun, personal,
'smallish' art.  Hanging them gallery wall style filled that
expansive space better than one large piece would have.  Hanging a grouping
allowed me to fill the horizontal space behind the sofa.

The key to getting this look right is to NOT hang the grouping
too high - often people allow a large gap between the top of 
the sofa and where the first frame is hung which is NO BUENO.
The art should easily be seen when you are sitting on the furniture.
Connect it to the room.

This was a fun project to work on!  I can't wait to show you 
more after I get a chance to photograph the space!


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Client Bedroom Inspired by a popular Pinterest Image!

Back in June, when I knew I wanted to scale back on
my work with local clients in order to allow me more time to
hang out with my two daughters this summer 
chauffeur my two daughters to their MANY
summer activities, I opened up the opportunity
to work with more online clients via e-design!  

While I might have forgotten the amount of time and 
online attention required while working with clients
all over the United States, it has really been a highlight
of my summer!  I LOVE getting to interact with you all -
those have read my blog and supported my work.
Your trust and belief in me is such an honor and blessing.
I love uniting with you to help create a home you love
and functions for you and your family.


When a client sent me the above photo as inspiration for her 
master bedroom I was to help her with, I was psyched!
I have loved this image for a long time and was definitely
one of my early 'Pins'.  I cannot find the original source so 
if someone knows it, please pass it along!

Here is the design board I created inspired by the image:
{the client had no new furniture needs}

I know many of you are already back in school -
My high schooler doesn't start for another week and a half
and my middle schooler doesn't go back until after Labor Day.
It is still summer around here and I am enjoying every last
bit of it……chauffeuring duties and ALL.

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