Thursday, April 9, 2015


Lately life has been full….certainly not any fuller than yours, but I am
sure you understand….the good, the less-than-good, obligations, choices,
socializing, working, worrying, being a friend, being a momma, a wife, 
cooking, cleaning, planning, celebrating….you get the idea.

This season of life with teenagers is much of what
I expected but different in so many ways…I find myself wanting
to hold on to the moments for just a moment longer, to take a mental
picture of the significant and insignificant events, to be present {whatever 
that means}, mostly I just want it all to slow down a bit so I can enjoy it more.
Young momma's I am hear to proclaim - THE TEEN YEARS ROCK!

Ok…how about some photos of what's been going on around here….
The transition of our living room to my office/design studio is mostly done.
I am definitely loving the space and having a place to work!
I will have a post coming soon - I promise!
We have celebrated many BIG family events - my 16 year old got her driver's license {yikes!},
my youngest officially became a teenager and is definitely my 'fashionista' and creative soul - she
loves drawing, going to theatre and having a reason to get dressed up.  My husband and I
celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary -{I was a child bride}.  As you can see,
we are total romantics…..
Clients……I am still amazed people hire me to do what I love.  2015 began with many calls
and emails from people wanting to make their homes beautiful….they have kept me
busier than I ever imagined and have allowed me to learn, grow and dig deep for 
creative inspiration…..I never imagined that I would have a design business, but
I believe I do!

And finally, a reminder to all you Portland friends…..
PLEASE, go to the Caitlin Wilson Trunk Show
at Christopher David in the Pearl District in Portland
either tomorrow {Friday} or Saturday.

I am heading to LA for the weekend - 
taking my new teenager for a girls getaway with 
some friends to see Ariana Grande in concert and then to Disneyland!

Hope life is giving you lots of the good stuff!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Well Hello……Caitlin Wilson Textiles Portland Trunk Show!

Let's not even talk about how m.i.a. I have been, okey-dokey?

I'm popping in today to tell all you local Portland peeps that you MUST
go checkout the Caitlin Wilson Trunk Show that is being hosted
at one of my favorite Portland 
home decor/coffee/florist shops {genius combo, right?},
Christopher David!  You can usually find me perusing Christopher David
after a sweaty cycle class across the street at Burncycle, but I digress…..

I LOVE Caitlin Wilson Textiles - the ready-made pillows are delicious and
her new rug collection….OMG, gorgeous!!!  Her color ways are 
on trend and made to mix and match!

If you are a local Portlander, plan to head to Christopher David
this coming Friday, April 10th or Saturday, April 11th from 10am - 5pm
to check out Caitlin Wilson Textiles!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Designing Woman…..

Martinez space
Well first I must say, Dallas you disappointed me!!!!
When we arrived on Thursday night it was COLD and by
Friday it was SNOWING!!!  Needless to say, our team played
NO soccer games and this soccer momma hardly left the
Hilton Garden Inn in Ft. Worth!!!  No Wisteria visit for moi!
Hopefully I'll be back someday and am quite sure
my opinion will change.  Thank you for all the suggestions,
perhaps next time Mother Nature will cooperate.


I know I have said it before, but having people hire me
to help them make their home prettier and more functional
still surprises me sometimes….I have to pinch myself that
I get to work independently in a creative field.  It truly fills
me up more that you will ever imagine.

And lately, work with local clients has kept me very
busy!  Right now I am working on MANY different styles
of homes and decor - from contemporary, transitional, neutral,
stately and traditional.  I have some brave souls and some
who prefer to play it safe….I am happy to accommodate it all!

I thought this week I would show you some recent
concept boards that I have worked on for a few local
clients - many times I do these to show a look or direction.
Some of the items are definite selections for the room,
others are more a representation.  Ultimately,  I always
want the client to trust me with styling the space so usually
the accessories are more representative.

Happy Monday to all! I hope the sun is shining where you are.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Dallas/Ft. Worth peeps, can you help?

I am traveling this week to Dallas/Ft. Worth with my daughter
for a soccer tournament.  While most of my time will be spent
on the sidelines of a soccer field, I always like to take the opportunity
to find some great home interior shops or local art galleries to check out.
Any recommendations local peeps?
We are staying in Ft. Worth so it's likely I won't get much
opportunity to get to Dallas.

And on a side note…..what's with your weather Texas?
Do I really have to plan for snow/cold/rain?

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