Thursday, April 17, 2014

A creative option when you need a large coffee table…..

I had the pleasure of checking in with a local client last week.
This young family moved into a 'new to them' home almost 
a year ago and quickly got to work on a major kitchen renovation.

The home is large which meant it required larger scaled furniture
than what they had in their former home.  The client was anxious to
complete the family room that adjoined their newly renovated 
kitchen and had a strict budget to stick to. 

The room really needed a large square coffee table which is 1.) hard to
come by and 2.) expensive.  My client's solution? {which was her idea, completely}
Purchase two World Market coffee tables and put them together.
I suggested the large basket tray on top to help 'unify' the tables.

The winner of the Uncommon Goods $50 credit is……


I sent you an email! Congratulations!
Thanks to all who entered.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods { + a giveaway!}…….

Uncommon Goods


In many ways I feel like yesterday was Christmas, yet this week is Easter - the
days seem to be whizzing on by (see yesterday's post)!  

Spring is really my favorite time of year, so
many special days - including my birthday, Easter and Mother's Day!

Uncommon Goods is a online retailer that features unique designs and
handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without
harm to animals or people.  I love that Uncommon Goods mission is to 
support artists and designers - half of what they sell is made by hand,
in the good ole USA!  I admire their commitment to the creative community!
Check out some of their wonderful gift ideas HERE.

When Uncommon Goods asked me to choose some of my
favorite Mother's Day gift items, I had no problem finding
lots of things I would love to receive from my peeps.
You can go HERE to see some of these items for yourself.

Uncommon Goods is offering ONE lucky Forever*Cottage
reader a $50 gift card to help YOU with your 
Mother's Day gift shopping!

To Enter:

* Go to Uncommon Goods and check out their site

* Come back here and let me know what gift from 
Uncommon Goods you would love to receive.

*Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and let me know for an additional entry.

I will choose a winner on Wednesday, April 16th.
Enter by Tuesday, April 15th midnight PST.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

thoughts from a 'good stuff' filled weekend……and a winner.

A wise 'older' mom once quoted this to me as I chased
my exuberant toddler while managing a stroller with
my sleeping baby in it……I remember being frustrated,
a little overwhelmed and exhausted.  I refrained from
saying out loud what I was thinking in my head,
'yea, right, lady'!  

Lately, I find myself thinking about that day and believing,
'truer words were never spoken'.

I am now that wiser mom - with a 15 year old and a 12 year old.

This weekend was FILLED to the brim with good stuff -
school dances, lessons on applying/wearing red lipstick, 
sleepovers, birthday parties, soccer games,
volleyball practice, dinner with friends who are more like cousins, 
good conversations about life choices and teenager-y things,
serious conversations about heartbreaking stuff like the suicide of a local
girl, driving, oh the driving I do these days - but all with the
the sunroof open this weekend….it was sunny and 75 in the PNW!

And from the comments on my post yesterday,
yours was too.  Boy do you all like to clean
your homes - girls after my own heart!
I hope you all got in lots of 'good stuff' too…..

The winner of the Target Easter banner is :


*I chose the 17th commentor because
my birthday is THIS week on the 17th!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What's going on……plus a fun giveaway.

I'm not going to even apologize for my absence……I am not arrogant enough to 
think you are all sitting online waiting to hear about my next client project, 
diy attempt, gallery wall conquest… me, you have 
living to do!  Now that doesn't mean I don't get all
giddy when you comment, compliment and read along
with my yammering on ……… cause I do!

So here it is Saturday morning, it's peaceful in my house - the
teen and tween are sleeping in, the hubs is on a golf trip this weekend,
I am planning my day all the while the sun is doing it's best
to make us in the Pacific Northwest believe it is really spring.

Want to know what's on my 'ta-da' list today?

*some cleaning

*a little laundry

*planting the lettuce and pea starts
I purchased earlier this week

* purchasing a birthday gift
for the party my tween is 
attending tonight

*working out

* And this evening is a high school dance
so I will be driving my freshman, her date
and multiple friends to pre-parties, post parties,
photographing, calming nerves, primping,
reassuring, beaming with pride and 
soaking it all in

The Good Stuff.

And just because, I am giving away a sweet Easter banner
I found at Target.

I picked up one of these for myself shortly after I returned from
spring break and posted a photo on Instagram and had
many questions on where I found it in my Target - seems
it was quite the elusive little item in many Targets across the 
country……So the next time I went to Target I purchased 
a couple for friends. And because I think of all of you
as friends, I would like to choose a reader to 
send one of these cuties to for your Easter celebration!

Please leave me a comment telling me what's on your ta-da list
this weekend.  I will choose a winner tomorrow night (10 pm PST)!
*US residents only!

Then, come back on Monday for another giveaway! 

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