Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting my office right for me…..

One of the scariest parts of helping others in their homes is the risk
of getting it 'wrong'…..Thankfully, I really don't think I have made
many mistakes in client homes - at least that the client would 
describe as a mistake. Right clients?

But when I hired myself last year to design myself an office
in my own home, I made a mistake…..well sort of.

My mistake was to follow a trend, to base my choices on what
others were doing that was right for them, looked great in their space,
especially in photographs on Instagram and blogs…….I painted my
office white - GASP!!!!!!  I know, right?
Now, if this is the biggest 'mistake' I ever make, I realize I am doing ok.

I could say a lot about the influence of social media on our design 
choices - especially those of us who are in this business, but I should
have followed my own advice often doled out to my clients, "do what
is right for you".  But sometimes, designers own homes turn
into our laboratory so I chalk up my white paint experiment to that.
I learned a lot…..

- I like the contrast of lights and darks in a space
- vintage art and objects look great against a dark background
- I prefer my white spaces as the main area color
- custom mixing paint is fun
- painting is NOT fun
- I still like white room, just not in this space

This room is not done (heck, are they ever?).
I am waiting for a vintage Turkish rug.  
I would like a new desk chair, something more
'important' and comfortable.

The walls are generally BM Hale Navy - I had a custom
mixed done that basically removed some of the 
white paint that went into the mix.  The result is more
a darker, inky blue/black.  I love it!

And on another note - I have really enjoyed being back in this
space - one of my goals for 2016 is to blog more
regularly.  I love writing and sharing and having this relationship
with all of you.  So thanks for sticking around!

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Affordable Photography Art for your Home

Many, many, many years ago, what seems like maybe a lifetime
ago, I worked in the development department at two
different art museums.  While my role was to raise monies
for the museum's exhibits and operations, I LOVED working
near the galleries where I would sometimes steal away in the 
middle of my day and wander amongst the beautiful works of art.
I really attribute my love for the random/orphaned vintage pieces I 
collect to working in art museums.  

I have found that many of my clients seem to 
be really challenged when it comes to  choosing art for their own homes.
It's hard for me to imagine (have you seen my gallery walls?).
As much as I try to encourage my clients to collect pieces that
speak to them emotionally or are found on their travels, sometimes 
we just need to get beautiful and appropriately scaled art on the walls.

A great source I have recently turned to for affordable art is by Getty Images. by Getty Images is fresh content built on the vast Getty Images
photography collections.  You can order your image in one of four image
sizes and also choose one of five framing options so your art
comes ready to hang in your home.

I am particularly fond of the abstracts and simpler images.  You can find them HERE.

Do you struggle with choosing what to hang on your walls?

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Eco and budget friendly flooring……yes please!

Remodeling can bring a lot of stress to homeowners - 
I know this because I am often asked to help stretch a budget
to accomplish a lot for a little.  We are very fortunate
to live in a time when there are SO many finish options as 
well as so many sources to get the most for your hard
earned dollars!  

Earlier this week I talked about online sources for
 bathroom remodels. Today I want to talk about a great 
online resource for online flooring, GoHaus.

Let's face it - most homeowners prefer hardwood
floors.  Am I right?  But installing new hardwood
can prove costly and labor intensive.  It's a difficult
project to DIY and requires leaving your home while 
the floors are stained.  For these reasons, many
homeowners are considering other products that offer
the look of wood but offer easier upkeep,
DIY installation, lower cost and are considered
a sustainable and green product.

A general contractor I work with, recently convinced me
to check out 'LVT' (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. The vinyl planks
come in various widths and lengths and mimic the look and
texture of real hardwood!  I was skeptical but checked some out
in person and fell in love! Luxury vinyl planks from GoHaus
can be installed in every room of your home as they
are humidity resistant and meet strict indoor
air quality emission standards. Vinyl plank flooring
from GoHaus is made from recycled materials and
are 100% recyclable.

Yes, this kitchen has luxury vinyl plank flooring from GoHaus!
Doesn't it look great?

Besides luxury vinyl plank flooring, GoHaus offers engineered
wood flooring and tile flooring too!  The porcelain tile
that mimic wood are fabulous!  GoHaus makes it 
easy to make choose your flooring by offering up to 6 free
samples shipped directly to you.  And by avoiding the 
middle man(manufacturer direct), pricing is very low.

Go get your flooring on!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Lessons along the way……budget bathroom remodels.

via Elle Decor

I have been working on a couple client bathroom remodels during the last year.
Besides the endless possibilities and the numerous decisions to be made,
bathrooms can get expensive quickly based on your finish choices.
I always try and help clients balance some splurge-worthy choices
with more moderately priced elements to stay within the set budget.

I never pretend to be an ASID interior designer - in the past, most of
the best, most exclusive materials, fixtures and lighting were sourced
exclusively from 'trade only' sources and design centers for trade professionals.  
The internet has changed the landscape
and a lot of what I do as an interior decorator (proud to be one!) is helping
clients source the elements for the designs we create.  There 
are SO many websites that offer bathroom fixtures, lighting and hardware
so pricing is competitive!  Websites like PlumbTile really help make me
look like a rockstar when I am able to tell my clients
that the beautiful Rohl faucet they want to include in their bathroom
design is available at PlumbTile for a fraction of the price of their local showroom.


Online source PlumbTile is really a one stop shop for all
your bathroom remodel needs.  PlumbTile represents many major
brands like Kohler, Rohl, Daltile, Hudson Valley Lighting,
Adex Tile…..and SO many more!!  PlumbTile makes my life easier
by making it easy to go to one place and check pricing
and stock for many bathroom elements like tile, hardware, 
plumbing and lighting.
And truly, I feel great when I am able to give my clients
competitive pricing on the items they most want to see
in their new bathroom. #superstar

I put together the design below using bathroom fixtures offered
by PlumbTile (everything but the the towel and art!).

I love using classic elements like hexagon and subway tile mixed with more updated
plumbing fixtures like this modern brass faucet and modern 
lighting like these sleek sconces. You can't go wrong with a heavy dose of white and
then adding some colorful art or fun wallpaper!

Happy Monday everyone!

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