Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Greek Basil Topiary

As the wise Dorothy once said, "there's no place like home".  
'Tis true - I am a homebody.  After a very busy month
 with lots of travel, most recently a soccer
tournament in San Diego this past weekend, I am home 
for the remainder of the summer. Woop!

On my trip to Trader Joe's on Tuesday to stock
a neglected pantry, I discovered they were carrying
these Greek Basil Topiaries!  

I first bought one of these little cuties at Home Depot back
in the spring.  I enjoyed it's fragrance in my kitchen and
cutting it's petite basil leaves for use in any
recipe that called for traditional basil.

With my tomato plants beginning to produce, this pretty
plant will be fun to use in my favorite caprese salads!

You can learn more about this pretty/useful plant HERE.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My favorite Pins this week……


Pinterest remains my go-to for inspiration of all kind.  My only
wish is that I was better organized with my boards when I began
pinning.  Right now I have a  board labeled 'food' but oh how
I wish I had created 'sweets', 'appetizers', 'soups', 'chicken' etc…..
So in my spare time maybe I might re-organize….ha!

Thought I would share some of my favorite Pins from this week…….
I am bringing dinner to a friend/client who recently had
surgery next week.  I am going to include THESE 
bars along with the dinner - they look amazing, and easy
to make too!

As a girl who spent my high school and college years
in the 80's I found this sentiment REALLY funny!  I know 
I didn't wear much neon in the 80's but I do know for sure
that Molly Ringwald was my style icon!

My garden is growing like crazy so I know zuccihini season 
is right around the corner….I am definitely going to make 
this 'new to me' version of zucchini bread! 

And finally - I am heading to San Diego, California tomorrow to
watch my girl play soccer……Can't believe it will be 
our fourth year attending this great tournament!  We love
San Diego and I can't wait to enjoy some sunshine, good soccer,
dinners out and beach time!

I'll be back next week!  If you would like to follow me on 
Pinterest, you can find me HERE.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Exterior Paint Reveal!

I'm a regular gal, living in a regular house.  

Is it my dream home?  Honestly, no. 

However, it is a home perfect for us, right now. 

 I love that our home is... 
 in my favorite city in the whole world…. surrounded by lots of trees…..
a size that means we live in every square inch….has endless gardening potential…..
a white kitchen…..hardwood floors….. our own...

Photo taken in full sun.

When we moved in this home just over three years ago we
inherited it's exterior paint color {SW Sea Salt}.  It was a fine
color but I didn't love it as an exterior color. You can see it HERE.

Our home really was due to be painted - it's a cedar sided home
and the Sea Salt was it's original color when the home was 
built just over 10 years ago.

I stressed a lot about what color to choose.  I would have loved to have
painted it white but it just isn't practical in the Pacific Northwest -
we get so much rain and fight moss build up on our exteriors
and roofs all the time.  I knew white would be a bugger to keep clean.

As I debated color options, I made fast friends with the fellas
at my local Benjamin Moore paint dealer Powell Paint Center!
I knew I really wanted to use a quality paint product
and getting the color perfect was very important.
Lucky for me, a new Powell Paint store had opened 
very close to my home so it was so convenient
to zip in and out to get sample size colors.  I am sure
the very helpful guys at Powell Paint thought 
I was a very crazy thorough designer!

In the end, the contenders were BM Soot, BM Hale Navy and the 
ultimate winner BM Abyss which is the color you would get 
if Soot and Hale Navy had a baby.  Our trim is BM Snow White
and the door is color matched to Farrow & Ball 'Light Blue'…..
sorry, I could not justify the F&B price per gallon for my two doors.

I really love it.  I think the dark color is a nice contrast to 
the year-round greenery that surrounds our home.

We did NOT paint it ourselves - we would still be painting!
I have a great painter that I often use for clients that did 
a great job for us.  And I am very grateful to my new
local paint store Powell Paints in Cedar Mill, they were
so helpful and really educated me on the merits of outdoor
paint products - something I just did not know much about.
By using Benjamin Moore paint, I was able to have confidence 
that the color would be accurate and that the paint will 
last for many, many years.

HERE is the post I did on my inspiration for my ultimate choice.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Living Room Reduex……and I can do the same for you! {TWO August spots available!}

I received the photo above from my sweet e-design client in
preparation for our work together on her living room.

This room probably looks a lot like one in your own home - it has 
the basics - the popular Ikea Ektorp sofa, an equally popular
World Market coffee table, some random tables and one
lone lamp begging for friends!

The room has a lot going for it, besides the basics I mentioned above -
great windows/light, a gorgeous piece of art and it's relatively 
generous size.

My client knew she wanted her young family to use this room more -
for reading and playing games - so it had to be casual and inviting
but also have a sophisticated elegance as it was the room immediately
off their entry space.

Because budget is always important for my clients,
we were keeping the Ektorp sofa and coffee table.
What we concentrated on 'fixing' was updating
paint color,  hanging drapes on every window, a larger
area rug and some additional seating.

kruger2 Living Room

What I really wanted to give this client's space was the feeling of warmth -
a space that you could not help but feel comfortable in.  For that, I 
included lots of texture, warm woods and comfortable textiles.
I think this design accomplishes that!

Thank you to my brave{and really fun} client for allowing me to share her
photo and design board!


I have had some changes to my August design queue - and 
find myself with TWO openings for e-design clients!

If you are ready to cozy up a space in your home and would
like my help, please email me at
And we can get started in August - hardly any time to wait!

I will honor the summer special I was running in June -
which means a one room design board is $200!

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