Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Interior Design…..And other STUFF...

 I have to admit that I was rather (pleasantly) surprised to hear from a number
of you asking where I was and why I had not blogged!  Well, there is no 
excuse, but rather loads of explanations.  As you might guess,
work with clients has really picked up over the last year.  I welcome the work
and feel blessed to do what I love and meet so many great homeowners
who want to make their homes look and feel better!  I have to say, I have
worked with many different design aesthetics this year, but lately it has been 
lots of modern spaces which I am loving!  It has been a nice change
of pace from the traditional….These are a few examples of design
concepts I presented to some local Portland clients recently.

On a personal level - my girls are getting older and busier and I am 
just trying to keep up and ENJOY these quickly passing years.  I think my
Emma was in 4th grade when I started this blog and she is now finishing her
junior year of high school (will be a senior in the fall!) and Abigail was in
1st grade and will begin her freshman year of high school in the fall!
For a majority of their childhood, I was a stay-at-home mom and really
still consider myself that - however, in reality I work pretty much 
full-time now and sometimes miss those days I had fresh-baked
cookies in the oven when they arrived home from school.  So I try to
do both, or feel like I am still super engaged while also pursuing
my own work…because what will I do when they are gone?  It is a balance
I have yet to figure out, and likely will never.  But I do my best to 
be present and appreciate the nights around the dinner table, school
activities, plays, games, the hugs and yes, even the sister fights, wet
towels on the floor, the laundry and the occasional 'teen moments'.

And……most recently, my husband and I traveled to the south of France and
Barcelona, Spain!  Say what????  Yes, indeed.  We were lucky to mix some
business and pleasure in the most spectacular of places.  We spent
just three days in Nice, France and I look forward to going back for
a longer period of time.  The only word that comes to mind to explain 
how I felt about it is 'dreamy'.  I really couldn't believe I was there.  It
met every expectation.

In my last post, I offered a summer design board special and I still have TWO
spots open in July (which has NEVER happened in years past - they usually 
are all scooped up quick)…..SO, if you are interested in having me help
you with a space in your home, please send me an email (
and we can go from there!  The cost is $275 per space - $150 when we 
schedule and balance due when the first version of the design board
is submitted to you!

So that's where I have been.  You can always be kept obnoxiously
up-to-date on my life if you follow me on Instagram - jillhinsoninteriors

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cha-cha-cha, changes…….(design board sale!)

I posted this photo on Instagram about a week ago.  It shows some of the
changes I have made to our dining space - and there are still more to come!
I took some heat from a blog reader who insinuated I had
unlimited funds from which to re-do my house - nothing could
be further from the truth. But the Restoration Hardware chairs I had had
for about 10 years - they had served our family well and I sold them 
and used the proceeds to purchase these new bentwood beauties - 
the former light fixture was swapped out in favor of this fun and playful
one from Schoolhouse Electric - these seemingly small changes really
changed the look of our dining space!  I can't help it -
I am a creative, this is what I do for a living.
I like changing things up.

This week, the space will be painted
and a new rug added.  Stay tuned!  

What I always want you and my clients to know is this - it doesn't have to
take oodles of money to live in a comfortable, pretty home. It just doesn't.
And often the 'feeling' of comfort in your home doesn't come from the 
sofa choice, the pillow, art or paint.  The 'feeling' of comfort many
are striving for comes from living in their spaces - so light a candle,
CLEAN!, pour a glass of wine (or tea), take a bubble bath….
our busy lives seem to prevent us from really enjoying the living
that should be done within the four walls of our homes - no amount of
pillows, or paint or accessories can bring that.

In celebration of the new season - of my cha-cha-cha-changes,
I am offering FOUR e-design spots for the months
of May-June.  I have not been promoting my e-design
services because they seem to come without it and my work
with local clients has been full!  BUT, I really do LOVE working
with you all via e-design - it is challenging yes, but it tests my creativity
in a way I really find satisfying!

So here is the deal:  In the past, I always took on more e-design clients
than I initially advertised that I would because I could not turn 
anyone away.  THAT is not going to happen this time -
it's not fair to me or to you.  So I am limiting myself to taking
the first FOUR clients who pay their Paypal deposit, it's the most
fair way of doing this, I believe.

I am charging just $275 for ONE space!
(regular price is $350)

What e-design is:

- You send photos, I send questions, you answer
questions in a timely fashion. I send more questions,
measurement requests, you answer in a timely fashion.

- We share Pinterest boards.

- We work on ONE space, not adjoining spaces.

- I submit a design board to you, you pay your design fee balance.

- We tweak, make additions and subtraction to the design board
until we get it right, but no more than THREE times.

-We have FUN!!!

-I submit a completed design board and source list
at the conclusion of the process!

How e-design is limited:

- I can't help design a gallery wall.

- I can't help with styling/arranging large bookshelves.

**Both the above are just TOO hard to do remotely.

- I can't help with the adjoining room along with the one
room you paid the design fee 'because they are open
to one another'……I can help with that adjoining
space if we add an additional room to your design fee.

I would LOVE to work with four fun clients in May and June!

To secure a spot, please email me -
I am happy to answer any questions and/or talk about if 
e-design is right for your space!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Style shift… happens.


I was going to start this post by saying one of the hazards of being in
the interior design business was always being swayed to change
up your style based upon the latest and greatest trends……
but who am I kidding?  I have always switched up my decor, I get tired,
antsy, enamored by the new and shiny…what can I say?

This spring will mark our 5th year of living in our current home -
that is a record for our family.  We had never lived in any of 
our previous SEVEN homes longer than three years.
Let that sink in.

I am definitely feeling like I am ready to embrace a
cleaner aesthetic - more modern, monochromatic, simpler.
I have some fun plans…..including a remake of
THE famous gallery wall!!! 

I know, crazy talk!!!

Want to see what I am digging?
Check out my Pinterest board HERE!

We are off to enjoy our spring break soaking in some Mexico sunshine!
If you would like to get sick of a bunch of beach, margharita and
taco photos, you can follow along with me on Instagram -
I am jillhinsoninteriors!

Buenos Dias!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

More bookshelf styling…..and see my grasscloth-backed shelves!

Are you sick of seeing these bookshelves yet?  I really do have a 
love/hate relationship with open shelves.  While I love styling bookshelves
and of course, I love my collections, I have days when I want to
load it all up and send it to Goodwill….it begins to feel too much.

Recently, I added grasscloth to the backs of my 
built-in bookshelves and I LOVE the warmth
and texture it adds!  I partnered with Walls Republic and chose
a pretty neutral color but they have SO many beautiful 
grasscloths to choose from!!!

I really have tried a lot of different looks with these shelves, 
you can see the different styling looks HERE, HERE and HERE.
The post of my planked back bookshelves is still one
of my most popular posts!

And while the more minimal look works for some, I found
it doesn't for me.  I LOVE the collected look of many books
along with decorative objects - the grasscloth pairs well 
with this look.

Walls Republic has generously offered my readers 10% off your order!

Simply use the code FOREVERCOTTAGE at checkout 
to redeem your discount!!!

**the grasscloth is just one part of a mini-fireplace/built-in's makeover.
Stay tuned for the rest…..soon!

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