Happy to be Home

Indeed it is good to be home. Every mommy out there NEEDS to getaway once in awhile, escape the duties and obligations of motherhood, of being a wife and running a household. In my mind, girlfriends are a necessity to being a mom - only they know the work and rewards and can celebrate the joys with you along with the challenges that ultimately do come.

Thank God my girlfriends are also great antiquing partners! I spent a wonderful day in Portland with two friends who each have great taste and a great eye for decorating their homes. The picture above was taken in one of our favorite antique malls in Portland. It was at this antique mall that I found a great old laundry basket (like Layla had been talking about over at The Lettered Cottage)for my "in progress" laundry room. Pictures coming soon I also found a great bird print and a few adorable old books in the perfect shade of beige!

My friends and I had the priviledge of getting a peek into the barn space where a favorite dealer will host her first sale in a couple weeks. I had purchased these amazing bottles from Barn House and they invited us to meet them at the barn to pick them up (they were made by Joe!). The space is terrific and in the process of being transformed into a showcase for great vintage finds! If you are in the Oregon City/Portland area, I urge you to go the Queen of Tarte/Barn House sale! I am sorry I will miss it.

Of course, I found some other lovelies for my house too. I loved on my family for the evening but secretly could not wait to get them off to school/work the next morning so I could go about incorporating my new finds into my home. Odd? Crazy? Or just plain obsessed? Oh, but it makes me so happy!

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5 comments on "Happy to be Home"
  1. Love this post! Had so much fun with you...if even just for a few hours! Allie

  2. I can't think of anything better than to recharge with girlfriends while antiquing! Oh how i wish I could do this... the Mom in me really needs a break. Love the pics and how I would LOVE to go see the QOT or the Barn House boys... they have the best taste! Glad you had such a great time!

  3. Sounds like it was wonderful!

  4. Hi Jill,

    I don't know if you remember me!?! I'd bump into you and Carrie while "Willows Nest" shopping every once in a while! Sounds like you had a fun visit to Portland! So fun to see you have a blog and so fun to see what you are doing to your current nest! :) I'll be checking back!


  5. Hi Meg!

    Of course I remember you! Allie said you were a blogger! It is addicting, isn't it? It has been fun and motivating to get stuff done in my house. Having moved so much, I felt like I was losing my mojo and enthusiasm. Blogging has motivated me to really work on specific projects in my house. I had a great visit to Portland - I miss all the great shopping - and it was fun to meet the Barn House boys and Cindy from Queen of Tarte. I am certain you are going to her show. It seems not to be missed. Good to hear from you.



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