The Barn.....

Bear with me as I make my way through the pile of catalogs that I have saved during my hectic-auction-planning whirl wind.

Today I had some time to browse the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Truth be told, I have tried to steer clear of "The Barn" in my decorating lately. I never want my cottage to have the fresh out of the pages, perfectly staged look of the Pottery Barn catalog.

However, I am often guilty of partaking in the instant gratification the Barn provides.

Below I am sharing some of my favs with you. Being a sucker for all things botanical, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first item.

Where do you go to for "instant gratification" in your decorating? Has it changed over time?

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15 comments on "The Barn....."
  1. I just looked through my PB the other night too. I saw the USA plaque and wondered how I could duplicate it.

    I don't like the matchy look either, but do find things in there and other magazines to inspire me. Often it is in the staging.

    Don't have too much instant gratification in my decor-probably because when I may have gotten the matchy bug, the budget didn't allow and when the budget was fat, I was too cheap. I love Ballard Designs catalog for inspiration too.

    I have been enjoying your blog.

  2. I agree - I love Ballard Designs! Thanks for hanging out with me!
    Cheers! Jill

  3. I get their catalog too. I am also a magazine lover. Buy way too many. But love the eye candy. Such as you shared with us here!

  4. ya know...I haven't recieved one in awhile. They always use the best houses for their catalog.

  5. I love Pottery Barn, I wish that we had a shop here in France.

  6. I love PB! I was so happy to discover that they now ship here to the UK :) Not been there for a while, so I'm off to have a look now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The only store that gets me excited is HomeSense. You never know what you'll find there. And when that "it's just what I was looking for" item pops up, you have to grab it quick before somebody else does. It's like this weird kind of shopping challenge -- the search, the find, the victory!! :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. I share all of your thoughts on PB. I've bought a couple of things over the years, but mostly, I love getting the free advice and ideas that their catalogs provide!

  9. I LOVE Pottery Barn. I'd never buy anything there, b/c they're too dang expensive, but I'll steal their ideas then then go thrifting! I'd rather hunt, gather, and then rehab to make things beautiful. I like to buy the originals rather than the reproductions.

    LOVE that map with brick and that little table in the last pic.


    Thanks for sharing, poppin over from Julia's.

  10. I haven't bought from them in years, but I love to copy some of their stuff too :)


  11. I love Pottery Barn, it's always been my go-to for online home ideas... but I've started to get a bit more modern recently, and I have fallen for West Elm, which is owned by PB and is a little cheaper sometimes!

  12. PB is so great for inspiration and you often can duplicate their look for alot less. It's a great source.

    Please stop by my blog. I am hosting a 200th post giveaway.

  13. For years I longed for PB's Malabar chair. It satisfied my love of rattan and beautiful lines. But I realized that not only is the chair not comfortable (and expensive) but that it would not get along with my cat and the cat would always win.

    Years ago I bought a rattan coffee table, which I still have, and recently I bought some linens and a large wall mirror. But I try not to overdo it. I think I do a pretty good job of not letting my home look like a catalog.

  14. I love all decorating magazines and adore blogs. People do some amazing things with their homes.

  15. We go right on down the way to Barn House! lol

    Hope all is well!! See you in June...


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