A day with my little peeps.....

Most days, I love being a mom. I am fortunate that I was able to step away from my career when my first daughter was born 11 years ago. And because I waited until I was in my 30's to have my children I can honestly say I never regretted my decision. I felt like I had accomplished alot and was ready for the next chapter of my life.

I have a confession, however.......

In the midst of diapers, sippy cups, playgroups, potty training, temper tantrums and short preschool days, I sometimes (ok, often) dreamed about the day when both my girls would be in school full-time. I imagined luxurious hours spent on long workouts at the gym (with all the baby weight finally gone for good), coffee and lunch dates with friends, shopping, reading a thick novel, cooking (the real kind)and finally a clean house!

My baby is in second grade.....that means I should be enjoying my second year of "living the dream", right?

Time for another confession....

I sometimes miss those crazy days with babies and toddlers and I definitely regret ever wishing it away.

Thankfully, I live next door to a mom who is still has two toddlers at home and is always grateful when I borrow them for an afternoon when I need my little kid fix.

Mostly, we bake together, creating yummy special treats for the "big kids" when they get off the bus.

Today, we made cupcakes inspired by spring! We also made some lemonade and set a fancy table so they could enjoy eating their cupcakes together.

When I brought my little buddies home to their mom, she was ever grateful for the break. Reminded me of the good ole days....

And while I sometimes miss the long tiring days where no one napped and everyone melted down at 4:00 pm, doing so reminds me to really pay attention to where my girls are today, to not take anything for granted...the good and the bad.

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7 comments on "A day with my little peeps....."
  1. "long tiring days where no one napped and everyone melted down at 4:00 pm" Um, were you at my house today? :)

  2. You sure know what you are talking about=0) The madness of raising kids is so funny that way.

    Loved looking at your cupcakes!

  3. Love these cupcakes!!! Thanks for the idea.

  4. what a fun day:) I bet she LOVED her break and how great that it benefits both worlds, right!
    Super cute cupcakes:)

  5. Priceless! How Sweet of you to give another fellow Mom a break and enjoy her toddlers at the same time.It does go by fast but a break here and there is Priceless!

    Great Cupcakes Yum! ~Cheers Kim

  6. Hi,
    I'm new here, I just found your blog today... but I just had to comment and say thank you for this post. I am a mom of two little kids (two boys ages almost 4 and almost 1) and I am the Mom who sometimes dreams about the long quiet days ahead once elementary school starts. But this post reminded me to enjoy what I have now. So, thank you! Just the kick in the pants I needed!


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