there's no place like home....

Well, the time has come....
tomorrow the movers arrive and begin packing our
Forever*Cottage for our move home to Portland, Oregon.

I am a jumble of emotions....
don't get me wrong, mostly I am happy for the
opportunity to return home, where my babies were born,
my parents live and where I truly feel we belong - our place.

But leaving a place where we have established a life,
a good life, full of favorite places, good people, a school community,
friends, neighbors who have become like family
and a special cottage community that lives like it was
plucked from simpler times, is hard.

This week will be stressful, not only for me but
for my two girls who will say good-bye to special
friends and for my youngest, the only elementary school
she has attended.  I will encourage them to feel
their sadness, cause good-bye's for me are hard
and I hope that by teaching them to walk through
that sadness that maybe I too will learn to walk
through it better.

I will be absent from this blog for a bit.  After our
home is packed our family is heading out of town
for a little 'fun in the sun'.....a much needed
break from the stress of the relocation.

I will be back soon.  I can't wait to begin transforming
our new home into the cottage of my dreams!
Of course, you will all follow along, every step of the way!

12 comments on "there's no place like home...."
  1. Jill,
    Well, first of all, welcome back to Oregon. I'm in Eugene, so will be your 'new' friend here if you ever get down this way.

    Second: saying good bye is hard. Good for you for encouraging your girls to feel their feelings. It is a life long process to work through things, and young is a good time to start. That they see you sad, or crying, is a good thing, and will make them feel more OK with how they are feeling.
    And I know that will also be a time of encouraging them as they make the changes and transitions to a new life here.
    Enjoy your time off, and the process of 'coming home'.

    Blessings and the Lord guide you and protect your move.

    barbara jean

  2. Welcome home to good, ol' PDX. Where you can put a bird on it and call it art. Nice to know there will be another local girl back in the hood.
    I've made the same move and I haven't looked back since.The vintage community here is fantastic, if you don't know them already you are going to love them.

  3. Best of luck with your move and with getting all "situated" - Moving is never easy, saying goodbye- but having friends far and wide is wonderful.

  4. Wish you the best of luck on your move!! How exciting!! A new place and new memories and new spaces to decorate. Ahhhh Bliss!!!!
    I know moving is hard....especially on the kids. I will pray that they find friends fast and that they will enjoy their new rooms and schools!!

  5. May God bless your move and your week that is sure to be jam packed. Hopefully, you'll get to take a moment or two to enjoy a break from the action.

    P.S. I received my flea market style magazine in the mail and am loving it! Great photos and articles. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. call me..i'm around today.

  7. i'll definitely be thinking about your little girls as i'm certain this will be exciting yet tender for them.
    enjoy your fun in the sun!

  8. Jill" Thanks for the mag. It is so full of fun stuff.
    Good Luck on the move and making new memories in your forever forever cottage

  9. happy travels to you! can't wait to see your new digs and what you do with it.

  10. Jill, I'll be thinking about you guys as you start this new chapter in your lives. The next weeks will be filled with emotion. We have to feel sadness before we can fully appreciate happiness. At least that is what I believe. In a few weeks I will be unpacking my boxes in my new home and I will think of you doing the same. Good luck to you all! Hugs, Jen

  11. I've walked the
    walk that your
    girls are on, and
    though it is hard,
    I know you will all
    bloom where you
    are planted : )
    Looking forward to
    our lunch....Until
    then, enjoy your
    time in the sun!!
    xx Suzanne


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