Farm Chicks.....are ya going????

I am heading to Farm Chicks for my annual flea-tiquing fill!

How about you???  Will you be there too?  Let me know,
I would love to say "heeyyyyy"!

Oh, and the weekend was spent doing lots of fun projects in our new home.  

I promise new posts coming soon with the results.....if I can find my camera
battery charges {yep, they are still MIA after the move, ugh!}.
12 comments on "Farm Chicks.....are ya going????"
  1. Have a fabulous time! I've been trying to get to the Farm Chicks for the past few years... something always comes up. A couple of years ago we even had reservations, time off of work and I broke my ankle the DAY BEFORE the show!

    One of these days.... I'll get there :)


  2. I'm going to miss it AGAIN this year! Have so much fun ...

  3. I'll be there! 4th year in a row from Florida taking someone new each time. This year it's my BFF and busness partner! We are so exited. Hope see you and say hello.
    Have fun and find that battery!

  4. You know that moving to a new location can be exciting. The change invigorating. But the actual move is a PIA!!! Losing things is part of the price of moving! Unfortunately!!
    Hope you find that charger soon!!

  5. I so wish I could go! Hope you have a fun time and finds lots of treasures!

  6. I sooo wish I could go this year!! Im planning on it for next year~ Have fun!!!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  7. One of these
    and you
    will be
    the first
    I call : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Hi Jill
    I'll see you there , I'm in the same space as last year .

  9. Hi Jill,
    I'm not sure how likely it will be that you will see my post! I tried looking for an email address to contact you, but couldn't locate one on your site. I'm two steps away from purchasing the lantern from Ballard's and am apprehensive of it's size. It looks pretty big in your space, but FANTASTIC! Do you have any more pic's of it? Sorry to be a bother!

  10. *** Hi Ashley! The lantern is BIG but I love having a larger scaled item in the space, seems to make what would seem a traditional lantern more updated. I just measured the lantern in my dining room and it is 22 inches high and about 16 1/2" square. I hope this helps! I have pictures of the space coming soon!

  11. THANKS for getting back to me Jill! I look forward to seeing more pictures!


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