Studio/Office Space…for me!

My Office!

Confession time…….since establishing my design business
just over two years ago, I have basically worked at my kitchen table, truth.
I am ashamed to admit that I did not believe
my business would actually take off, that clients would continue
to call, to want me to help them create their homes. Yuck. 
I have come a long way since then, cause if you don't believe
in yourself, how can you expect others to?

I knew that in 2015 I wanted needed to create an office space for
my design business - one that would foster creativity, allow me
to 'spread out' samples and fabrics for clients but most of all
organize my files, fabric memos, wallpaper samples etc…..

My office must be in our home so I had limited spaces to choose from -
my husband works from home too and his office is already serving dual
purposes as our guest bedroom and an office.  

I chose to make our formal living room my studio/office……on the plans
for our home the room was labeled 'dining room' and I have often wanted
a separate, additional dining space when we have entertained so my
plan is to have my office/studio be flexible enough to become a
dining space when needed.  Make sense?  

My 'desk' is going to be actually a dining table - specifically 
Restoration Hardware's  Flatiron table with the white metal 
legs, you can check it out HERE.  I am sort of excited
about this table - it's industrial but also sort of modern in a way -
exactly the look I am going for.

I have lots of storage included in the plan because I really need it.
Of course, there are lots of opportunities to display 'pretties' too.

As for color - I have been super inspired to use a soft, dusty coral and the
Schumacher Bengal Bazaar pattern is a favorite so I think they
will make an appearance…..I was in West Elm this weekend 
and they are doing ALOT of this color so I am obviously 
on to something - ha!  My favorite black accents will also be
making appearances…..Oh, and the walls will be BM Cloud White.

I still can't believe I have basically disassembled the most popular
space in my home as far as social media is concerned - it's BIG pressure
to create something equally as swanky, cool - a challenge I accept!

I intend to be BRAVE in my space - it's something I often ask of my
clients so I have to walk the talk!

I plan to blog about each step of the process - but remember…. 
Rome wasn't built in a day!  

7 comments on "Studio/Office Space…for me!"
  1. I'm sure whatever you do, the room will be beautiful!

  2. I LOVE the table for RH and I know you'll make the space fabulous!

  3. OOOOOOOOOO ~ I can't wait to see this come together. We have a formal dining room that we eat in about three times a year. Such a waste of space. I'm mulling over ideas on how to make it function more as a multipurpose room for puzzles, projects, etc. I'm especially eyeing the storage you've got pictured there.......:D :D

  4. Happily following your journey! What an exciting time!

  5. Very excited to see what you come up with! I too love coral !

  6. I work from home too...you need a space all your own for that and I can't wait to see your ideas come together

  7. Looks lovely. I am curious if your desk chair will have casters for ease of movement. I am in the market for one myself. Are they hard to add to a chair?


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