Design point of view…..

**Warning….rambling post coming.

During the past couple weeks I have had some
situations and challenges experiences that have lead me to really
think about how I design spaces, why I design a space a certain way
and what influences my direction and decisions.

Back when I spent way too much time only dreaming about
helping clients create beautiful homes, I was discouraged by
my own thoughts.  Could I really create a career in a field
that I lacked the proper training?

And while I fully acknowledge I don't know CAD, have
never drawn a space or possess other technical skills 
taught in interior design programs,
I know for sure that I have a design point of view. A point
of view that is unique to me but influenced by some of 
my design heroes…….

Like the Emily Henderson designed space below.

I am working on numerous client projects right now.
I am also designing a space basically, just for me.
I have had a lot to think about.

And while I can try and channel my best Anna Spiro {the room
below is her design}….I really can only channel Jill Hinson…..
it would be wrong to think I could be anyone else.
It's a fact…...I work well with vintage, neutrals,
unique art, accessories galore, pillows{!} and natural elements.
While I appreciate fancy furniture and finishings, 
most of my clients appreciate my ability to mix it up, 
find a bargain, stretch a budget and STILL 
create a beautiful, personal space.

When I find myself questioning whether I have what it takes, I look
around at all the 'famous' designers whose work I admire and study,
{like Jaime Meares, whose own living room is pictured below},
they all bring a unique point-of-view to the spaces the design.
A point-of-view that will appeal to some and not to others.
And that's ok.  Their spaces are their art - subjective and open to 
interpretation, eliciting emotions and reactions as much as
a priceless painting.

As a designer {or a decorator, whatever}….I respect the
point-of-view my clients bring to the table too.  I really believe
I am hired to curate how they want their home to look
and feel - it's not about me completely imposing my style on them.
I offer choices and options, all equally good ones.

Nothing made me think more about my role and my point-of-view than
working in my own home this weekend.  As much as I began trying
to be Emily Henderson as I designed my space, I quickly realized I can't BE
Emily Henderson….it felt awkward and too 'try-hard'…when
I let it go and began designing my space as me, it worked, it felt 
{for lack of a better word} right.  

I am grateful for the inspiration of others, I hope it makes me better.
And mostly I am grateful to my clients who trust me and
my point-of-view - I will never stop trying to be a better designer,
to offer creative, functional and affordable solutions.
I acknowledge that my point-of-view may not be
for everyone and that's ok.  Thankfully I have learned that
any rejection of my aesthetic is not a statement on my worthiness
as a designer but rather a difference of opinion.  

As they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Just look at the home of designer Kelly Wearstler below!
{which I love, btw}

Congratulations to Ashley@Parsons Farm and Kristen Wall!
You each won a $75 credit to Minted!!!

9 comments on "Design point of view….."
  1. I so agree and I love the fact that you said, "...it's not about me completely imposing my style on them." I read a lot of blogs, and of course, many of them deal with decorating on some level. There are are few who's house is beautiful. Then they show us the house of someone they helped and you can't tell the difference. Same paint, same furniture, same everything. I think one the the great things about living in this time period is the variety - of clothing, hair, and especially decorating. It's like this is the time anything goes. You can have an ultra-modern house and there's a Red Wing crock sitting in a corner. I totally agree that your job, as a decorator, is to help us find what we love, and then show us how to accentuate our loves. I'm willing to bet you are doing a great job!

  2. Great perspective Jill! Inspiration comes from everywhere, but we ultimately are who we are :).

  3. Yay!! Thank you so much. I'm super excited for the win!!

  4. Love love love this! xoxo

  5. I recall you writing that you were going to make your office funky, or maybe you said edgy. It didn't sound like you. I'm glad you realized this. Change frequently comes incrementally instead of in one giant step. Look forward to seeing your office.

  6. Go with the gut gal...you're a winner

  7. That is the best attitude. We should all remember to be true to ourselves first and foremost. It's easy, especially in the blog world, to lose ourselves in the sea of amazing talent available at the click of a mouse, but at the end of the day, I believe we're always going to feel most at home in our own styled surroundings.
    Great post.

  8. Hi! I happen to love your style and point of view! Do you do e-design by chance? I live in San Diego. :)

    1. I do offer e-design! Please email me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com to inquire.

      I love San Diego! We visit often as my daughter plays a lot of soccer down there - will be there again in July!


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