Family Drop-Zones…..{aka} contain the clutter!

I think one of the things that stresses me out about the holidays is the amount
of things that come IN to my house rather than go out.  I admit, I have
a huge aversion to clutter - just ask my family!  But I truly believe
that good design and organization can go hand-in-hand.

I have recently worked on a few mudroom/entryway designs for clients
and thought I would share them with you.

Some of my 'must haves' include:

*  closed storage option (cause, duh, they hide the clutter)

*  hooks - cause for some reason husbands and kids are not
good at using hangers but usually have no problem finding the hooks.

*  good lighting

*  a durable rug - dhurries and kilims are favorites because they
hold up to lots of coming and going and are good dirt concealers

*  Inspirational words - to send your loved ones out the door!

* Memo/chalkboards

Happy Monday!!!!

1 comment on "Family Drop-Zones…..{aka} contain the clutter!"
  1. Can you share where that overhead light is from? Thanks!!



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