What a transformation! {a local client before/after}…..

My client lives in one of my favorite Portland neighborhoods
in the cutest little 1920's cottage.  She is a vivacious, single, newly retired corporate
executive who wanted to update her smallish den.  This space needed to 
be cozy enough for television watching but stylish enough for entertaining.

Here is what the room looked like on my first visit:

And here is what it looks like now:

The bookcase backs painted green was doing nothing for that wall!  So we had 
the painter give the entire bookcase a fresh coat of BM White Dove, including
that backs.  The result is fresh and updated!  

We also selected a new sofa in a contemporary style, 
upholstered in a charcoal grey that serves as a nice contrast 
against the white bookshelves (this was the ONLY placement for the sofa
in this tight space).  The client's favorite color is orange so I used
it as the primary accent color.  It helped that the client had lots of 
decorative objects that were orange, including the abstract painting
that was a retirement gift from a colleague and really was 
my inspiration for the design of the space!

Of course, I added some updated decorative objects to mix in with the 
client's items, a new narrow contemporary coffee table and pillows!

The rug was custom through a local source.

I loved this project - this was the perfect example of a client who 
was not used to 'letting go' of control or being nudged out of 
her comfort zone, but was brave and trusting and in the 
end is enjoying a new, gorgeous space!

I love my job, I love that I get to be creative everyday and
do what I love, and meet awesome people who trust
me in their homes………I am looking forward to 
lots more of it in 2016!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

7 comments on "What a transformation! {a local client before/after}….."
  1. How incredibly amazing! It is smart, warm and inviting, and it looks very spacious. Your client must be over the moon!

  2. I love it! What a fun room to design! You did a great job.

  3. This room looks beautiful, Jill! The couch and coffee table update the space so nicely, and I love how you styled the bookcases and used your client's favorite orange here and there!

  4. Awesome job! It looks beautiful!

  5. So fun seeing the "before"! Makes me love it even more!! Good work lady!

  6. Behold the magic of paint! It never ceases to amaze me! That room looks beautiful and I imagine she just loves it!

  7. what an incredible and wonderful change. I love those colors!


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