Feathering Your Nest - It's a Tough Job but Somebody has to do it!

Thought I would share some of my adventures in decorating this week.

Feeling inspired by all the great spring images in recent blog posts and the warm temps at my Minnesota cottage, I headed out in search of ways to freshen up my Forever Cottage.

First stop, a mega-fabric-emporium! I had heard this no-frills, hit or miss, inexpensive (cheap) fabric store existed but had not had the need to visit until this week.

Well, I think I spent the first 15 minutes of my visit just walking around in a daze with my mouth wide open. It is hard to know where to even start looking. There were bolts of fabric EVERYWHERE, much of it upholstery and decorator fabric. I had to take pictures to share with all of you.

Would you believe that all I was looking for was white cotton/linen to slipcover my couch? I am not kidding!

I am happy to report I found the perfect white denim for $4.99 a yard! Joe, the slipcover guy will make me a fantastic white slipcover for my living room couch - perfect for spring/summer! There will be no do-it yourself slipcover for me - I am impressed by all of you in blogland who can do it - but I know my limits.

Today, I headed to a small Minnesota town for my favorite monthly occasional sale. Well, the l-o-n-g Minnesota winter and recent warm temps certainly inspired other seekers out too. Here is the crowd, lined up before the doors opened! I was shocked.

Needless to say, there was a crush of women, grabbing for all things chippy, corbels, bunny statues, watering cans ec... All the best "junk" went quick! I was in no mood for this sort of flea-tiquing but was amused by the shenanigans nonetheless! You would have thought they were giving free botox injections!

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3 comments on "Feathering Your Nest - It's a Tough Job but Somebody has to do it!"
  1. you might have to head down here when i have another "open " house.

  2. Wow all that fabric... Amazing!

    Sounds like the occasional sale went well... I hope you at least were able to grab up some of your own wood corbels and bunny statues among the chaos!


  3. I am with you! It is amazing the draw Rose still has, my favorite is Theresa at the Porch.

    It was fun to find you at The Lettered Cottage, and I am enjoying reading your blog.

    Isn't the sunshine nice finally?!! Have a blessed Easter


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