Basket Case............

I have long wanted to create pendant lights out of vintage baskets for over my kitchen island. In my head, I pictured come cool old french baskets with linen cord covers above to the ceiling. Are you following???

At the Farm Chicks Antiques Show I found 2 matching baskets that I knew would work beautifully.

I came home motivated to convert my baskets into wonderful pendant lights. Then....I clued my husband into my plan. He rolled his eyes and questioned whether or not that "would look good?". It made me doubt my dream....

But I went ahead and took my beautiful baskets to my local lighting/electric store. There I found a nice gentlemen who thought my idea was brilliant! He helped me assemble the necessary wires and components to make my dream a reality.

Slowly but surely, I am working on wiring my baskets. I still have not convinced my husband to take down the wonderful schoolhouse fixtures that currently light our kitchen island. Perhaps after he gets home from his week of golfing (and I have been parenting solo) he might be more cooperative.

In the meantime, I have been checking the internet for inspiration. Low and behold, look what I found on this site today! The two fixtures pictured above can be purchased from a wonderful store called South of Market (for much more $$$ than my do it yourself/dream in my head version). This fancy-schmancy home decorator store has validated my dream.

There are plenty of other wonderful things on their website. I think these industrial/French stools would look especially wonderful at my island with my new basket pendants hanging above them!

This chaise is tres chic!

And who knew that framing vintage French hangers could become art (yes, art - check out the prices of these babies). This look could easily be reproduced for much less.

I am feeling inspired, how about you? Opinions on my pendant light dreams??? Good idea or am I just a basket case?

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3 comments on "Basket Case............"
  1. I love it and don't give up...you can talk him into it:-)

  2. Love the basket fixtures... as long as they throw enough light in the right places (but you've probably already considered that).
    Now, if you learn to do the electrical work yourself... while your husband is away golfing all day...

  3. I just want to tell you I saw those kind of basket lights at IKEA this last week. So beautiful! I had read your post and then I saw those lights and thought of you. I can't wait to see when they are done!



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