Summer Transportation..........

This is our second summer in Minnesota....

Summer is the best time to be in Minnesota (despite the mosquitos)....

This summer we decided to stay close to home and really get to know our community.

We are lucky that we live in a very "bike-able" area. Last week I told my girls that we were only going places that we could get to on our bicyles. We had fun and were creative in how we entertained ourselves.

The rockin bike pictured above is my bike! It was a given to me by my husband and children for my birthday a couple (ahem!) years ago when I celebrated one of those milestone birthdays that end in a zero!

My bike makes people smile when I pass them. I love it!

This weekend I took my bike on a tour of my neighborhood along with my camera. I promise to share some pictures with you later this week.

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7 comments on "Summer Transportation.........."
  1. How fun!!
    I haven't been on my bike in years. Where we live here in the foothills, it's easy enough to ride east and west but if you ride south, you have to come back north uphill!

  2. Love your blog~ What a great ride for the summer!

  3. Love the bike! My sister lives in St. Paul, and I would have to agree, summer is the time to be in Minnesota:)


  4. Girl....loving that pink ride!! Great pic! Tootles, janna

  5. I adore your pink bike and the basket makes it picture perfect!

  6. Your bike is very beautiful. How i wish this is mine. LOL!!! Enjoy biking!!! Take care!!!


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