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I have been having a blast being the Junk Bonanza's "Thrifty Mom" - today I got to go on a local television program to help promote the Bonanza! I brought some of the items from my table and got to show just how stylish you can be while shopping thrift stores! I was completely nervous but recorded the show and watched it with my girls after school. Both girls thought I did well and did not embarrass myself too much!

After my television appearance I headed over to Canterbury to drop off some of the things for my table scape project. For a flea marketing/junking fan seeing all the junk coming in through the venue doors was pure heaven! I found myself oohing and ahhing my way around - after seeing some particularly cool stuff, I found myself getting giddy just thinking of the shopping possibilities that await on Thursday!

I took the picture above at my friend Jane's booth. Jane hosts a monthly occasional sale calle Mustard Moon in Carver, Minnesota. A long time friend of Ki Nassauer, Jane is a regular Junk Bonanza vendor. Her booth this year is AMAZING, very industrial and just way too cool! It will knock your socks off as you enter the Bonanza!

I hope to post more pictures tomorrow. For all you Minnesota readers, I will be appearing tomorrow with Ki on Twin Cities Live on KSTP at 3:00 pm - check it out!

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5 comments on "~Good Junk~"
  1. That's so awesome! I'll be watching!
    pk @ room remix

  2. are you going to send me your autograph or what?!
    have fun...say hello to Serena for me and give her a big huge hug..she needs it.
    p.s. Fin is home sick today...totally screwing up my lola day.

  3. you're a celeb! only another "junkie" can understand how trash & junk can excite a person. lol.

  4. Wow, how fun for you! Van't wait to see what goodies you bring back.

  5. I am on my way to Junk Bonanza this morning...can't wait!!! everywhere I turn I see press for it..ch. 4, 5, 11. The crowds should be huge! good luck to you, you do a beautiful job with your table top settings!


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