Hints of Christmas

I have 7 boxes of Christmas decorations.

They all remain relatively full....and by relatively full, I mean full.

This year, I chose to decorate my home with just "hints" of the holidays.

I have my reasons.

First, we spent the better part of the fall not knowing whether my husband would have a job or not (he does, thank God!). And while we did receive good news, it put things in perspective for me, especially when preparing for the holidays. Simplicity....my new mantra.

Second, we are traveling to my parents for the holidays...I am not entertaining....

And third, I like my house the way it is...all white and cream and chippy and well, those 7 boxes of Christmas decorations are all red and green and shiny and if I may so myself...cheesy. No wonder the kids love em!

I came home from Kasey's event last week and my family had not only put up our tree but decorated it as well! What a gift!

Over this last week, I added some "important" elements, including our nativity scene. I did not angst, or rush, or feel the pressure to have the perfect vignettes placed within my home. Simplicity.

And while I was at it, I took a few pictures to share with you, of the "hints" of the holidays at my cottage. I particulaly love the combination of the snow covered spruce tips, dried hydrangea in my front porch pots.

How about you this year? Are you going BIG or embracing, like me, simplicity?

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13 comments on "Hints of Christmas"
  1. its all absolutely gorgeous!
    i love the simple subtle touches too
    merry christmas

  2. Found you from Martha's blog. Sounds like you all had a ball at Kasey's event.

    I felt the same way about decorating this year. We are heading back down to Illinois and won't be home for Christmas, so it was a little hard to get excited about. Decorated anyway for the kiddos and it does give me the holiday spirit:)

  3. I love your metal bucket with the chalkboard paint in the first picture. It looks so nice and the evergreen sprigs make it so festive.

  4. I'm sooo with you Jill! I went very simple this year! Just a little sparkle here and there! Feels good! I also wanted to say how much I loved the comments people made on your last post about friendships! Very nice! Happy Holidays Jill!

  5. Your decorating is gorgeous.

  6. I like your little glittery tree under glass. : ) I haven't even begun to decorate my house! I did pick up a permit from the forest service and hope to have a lovely tree by this time tomorrow...I hope to do other wee bits of decorating tomorrow too! I think I'll be using light cheese this year. : )

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Julie M.

  7. I went simplier this year too. I just posted my post about how many trees I actually have but I had not used them all this year. You are so right, simple lovely decorations done while being relaxed not rushing to get everything just so. It feels good.
    Merry Christmas!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. I definitely am doing simplicity too...absolutely...I barely got anything out and it feels good...although I may add some more next year...things just got away from me even though I was super excited about it early on...but your decor looks absolutely beautiful Jill!!! I LOVE your pictures!

  9. Jill -- that's what we've been doing at Linderhof last year and this -- all of those chotskys are still n the basement -- the tree, greens on the mantle, poinsettias, nativity -- It's a stress reliever not having to decorate every nook and cranny and I like the house better this way!

    You're house is lovely -- simplified!

  10. I just found your blog... I love it! Your decorations are gorgeous. Merry Christmas.

  11. I adore your hints and the simplicity of it all ~ alas I went full out "cheesy" if you must and brought out everything. We will be here most of the holidays as our family is all nearby and I needed the pick me up.

  12. I too like this way of decorating, Jill. Everything looks lovely, especially that cloche with the bingo card inside. I found you today from someone's blogroll. Glad I did. Kelly

  13. i'm a dork
    i came back today
    one year later
    to peek into your world

    ps- did i tell you i have a very similar old ornament to yours?
    big news right?

    merry merry


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