Diy from a girl who does not diy......

I'll admit it. I am not much of a DIY-er. I wish I was, really I do. For now I will say that time and patience have been standing in my way, yep, that's my story and I am sticking to it.

My DIY tends to be of the impulsive variety - you know, 10 friends are coming for lunch and I must have new pillows sewn before they arrive....

This is one such project.

I have been craving some color in my oh so white cottage....and have a collection of botanical prints hanging on a wall in my dining room, some are in pairs, others are not. This particular print was purchased at an antique store many years ago and quickly stuck in a cheapo frame and hung on the wall. It never looked quite right, all shiny and new looking.

I became convinced a aged-greenish colored frame would bring out the green colors in the print and provide just a hint of color on my wall.

I took a trip to my nearest paint store and picked up one of the Benjamin Moore color samples for about $4 bucks. Within five minutes of walking into my house my frame had begun it's transformation. I told you I am impatient!

After a couple coats of paint I broke out the Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze and rubbed a bit of that over the paint for an oh-so-faux aged look!

Ahhhhh.....now that's more like it!

I am not a complicated girl, it's the little things that make a big difference to me. But just you wait, I have been inspired to do a bit more things with a paint brush around my cottage and will share them with you soon.

Happy Monday!
9 comments on "Diy from a girl who does not diy......"
  1. I love how the green sets off the botanicals. They look great! Maybe you are more of a DIYer than you think! :)

  2. Much better! In my world, all frames require patina and age, whether I buy them that way or have to add it myself.
    So you go you little DIYer! Before long, you'll be buying your own set of power tools!

  3. You can no longer call yourself a non DIY'er! :)
    I love the color and it will be the perfect touch of color!

  4. how much did it cost you to do that diy project?
    looks great Jill.
    I'll call you tomorrow.

  5. Ooh yeah! That looks so much better. I love fern prints.


  6. Jill, I love this. I also think your choices are fantastic, especially the RL glaze and Benjamin Moore color you chose. Good job on your DIY.

  7. Love the green! You transformed that piece into something special!


  8. Thanks for the laugh this morning and letting me know I am not crazy or the only one who is not a DIY'er. I do the same thing before guests and basically think buying is better than DIY. Just have too many other things I much rather do! I am spray painting my wicker right now which in my mind does not qualify as DIY and I didn't even scrape it first.


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