Guess Who?

I have been catching up on laundry...

dusting the cobwebs...

fluffing pillows....

planning meals.....(and perhaps cocktails too)...

to welcome a friend (and her infamous daughter) for a visit....

i am pretty sure you all know her, she's a world traveler....

and one stylish blogger who always has a way with her words....

Can you guess who is coming to visit my cottage?

Come back on Monday to find out!
8 comments on "Guess Who?"
  1. Oooh! I know! I know! (I am saying that totally obnoxiously as I wave my arm around, just so you know!) ;o)

    Hey, and while she is there...drive her down to Hudson so she can visit RueMarche. I have a feeling she will be in l-o-v-e! ;o) Have a great time!


  2. Now that's not fair, I was following along so nicely. I guess I have to wait....I am stopping my feet now. No, that must be my four year old in the background.

  3. You can't leave me hanging!!!
    Who the hell is coming and should she bring some
    two buck chuck?!?!

  4. honestly, next year I am renting myself a daughter and coming along! drat anyway!
    have a fabulous time, and think of me when you are hanging out by the lake!

  5. We will miss you Kim - heck, no daughter needed, come anyway!

  6. Love the firewood.



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