life goes on....

My friend Jane Hall sent me an email about a week before the Junk Bonanza and asked if I would make some burlap banners for her to sell in her occassional shop, Mustard Moon ......

"Sure!" I replied way too enthusiastic-like.

All kidding aside, this has been a fun project and has made me begin adding some Fall touches around my own cottage. {cause you know what they say, "nothing says Fall like burlap"}

I know "nest" does not really speak to fall, but it speaks to me! I also did "spooky", "halloween", "boo" and "gather". If you are local and would like one, head to Jane's sale tomorrow thru Sunday in Carver, Minnesota {300 N. Broadway}.

If I have any left, I will let ya'all know!
**and because this post shows my most favorite hutch, I am linking up with Jennifer Rizzo's little hutch show-off linky party today!
21 comments on "life goes on...."
  1. Love the hutch....cool banner. I just finished a fall one for my mantle area. I havent uploaded them into my Etsy shoppe. They are such a fun project to make. I like NEST, its say comfy...cozy!

  2. ~*LOVE your banner! It looks so pretty there~* ;)Rachel

  3. What a really cute banner! I love it....Kathy

  4. I love your banner! Looks wonderful on your hutch and will look great at Mustard Moon, too!

  5. Your hutch looks lovely and so does the banner. I agree, nothing says fall like burlap!


  6. Oh my goodness,
    Jill, you are
    gorgeous AND
    crafty, too!
    LOVE these and
    they look like
    something that
    I could do...
    Thanks for the
    inspiration : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  7. Ok, I love your hutch... but I REALLY love the darling burlap NEST banner! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think you can "nest" during any season! Love the banner, Jill! So cute! And your hutch is swoon-worthy, girl! :) Hope you're having a great evening!!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. Jill, so cute and I love how you have your hutch styled. You are such a talent! I am so glad you could join in!

  10. Hi Jill...it was so great to meet you at JB! Hopefully I will be back next year as a vendor. Loving your hutch...gorgeous!


  11. Oh....I have hutch envy! this is one piece I am after....but may need a little help. *wink!*
    I am out of town this weekend but so need to make it out to Carver to see Jane's place. Maybe next sale we can grab a coffee and head down. ;) Take care Girl!

  12. i would have met you this past weekend darn it! i saw the pictures of you and my good friends Jenn and the Tracy's (lol) and i know Mary too!
    maybe next time! i am having a barn sale here in october if you're up for a drive...Suzanne from up there came down in May for that sale -

    glad you joined the party!

  13. Now, THAT'S cute! :-) I am redoing my sewing room and will FINALLY have a place to hang a banner.... Hey, it really is the SMALL things in life, isn't it???

    I'm really excited about it.

    Warm blessings,


  14. Great looking! Love the banner. Minnesotans don't say ya'll...are you from Ky too?

  15. Love the idea for Fall! What an easy thing but looks so Pottery Barn!

  16. Love the banners. I'm loving burlap and you are right, it screams Fall.

    Wish it felt like Fall down here, sigh.


  17. What a great idea! I'm starting to get Fall decorating fever after looking at everyones great fall posts!!

  18. Oh, I love your banner and your hutch is just gorgeous!


  19. Jill, I saw your banners at Jane's. Cute, cute, cute! I also saw the basket you bought :( Dang, girl. You beat me to it! It was very cool. I just have to get myself in the mood to decorate for fall. I'm still beat from the Bonanza.

  20. I've been wanting to make a banner, love where you've hung yours and the rest of your hutch display.

  21. Love your hutch and your adorable burlap banners, they're perfect! I've been gathering fun items to make some myself! My granddaughter and I saw some at a store yesterday and she loved them, so I think I'll make her'd first and when they decide on a name for her soon to arrive baby brother, he'll have cute little blue banners too!Thanks for sharing, if you have a minute come see my ever changing hutchs'! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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