on the painting bandwagon

The Junk Bonanza is over, the kids are back in school, and I am preparing for winter hibernation....this means that I need to get those last nagging projects around my house DONE.

First, an admission.......

"Hello, my name is Jill, and I have black furniture from the 90's in my house."

Yep, I do.

I actually had the nightstands in our bedroom custom made this way, yes, I did! I love the proportions and the roomy drawers and was not just going to give them up {although a couple mismatched vintage pieces are on "the list"}, at least right now.

So I did what any good blogger does, I painted and distressed these babies, replacing the knobs with some Anthro beauties.

Hello black box nightstand!

Oh so much better!

I am a knob-lovin' girl!

The vintage clock was a bedside must!

And my many, many necklaces hang close by!

No longer do I have black painted furniture in my house! {It is purely a personal choice as I know so many still dig the black painted furniture, but for me, I was SO over it}.

Have a splendid day!

18 comments on "on the painting bandwagon"
  1. ~*Wow Jill!! Your nighstand turned out gorgeous..LOVE it now!!~*Rachel

  2. those turned out great jill. and the knobs are perfect. you have to show what you have your necklaces hanging on.

  3. Love it Jill!! I'm pleading with my hubby to have our entire bedroom furniture redone.
    Oh, and I agree with Traci....gotta see what your necklaces live on. I am in need of some inspiration for mine too.

  4. Fabulous!!! White makes *almost* everything better. ;)

    I'm not opposed to black furniture - but white .... you just can't beat it!

    looks fabulous!


  5. You ROCK - love the change! As always, you inspire...

  6. Your nightstand looks great. I especially think the knobs kick it up a notch. I still love my black furniture but love woods and whites too.

  7. Jill ~ it looks great and I love your new knobs! What is that jewerly hanging off of? It looks so pretty beside it:)

  8. Love the transformation!!
    I still like black furniture but you can have too much of it!

  9. White paint to the rescue once again! lol! Love it! It turned out so beautifully! And I'm loving your necklaces, girl! Where did you get them??? :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. I'm right there with ya. I have dark blue shaker painted night stands, also from the 90's, they look a lot like yours did. I'd love to paint them something different, but the inspiration has not struck me yet. I may just have to go with the lighter color as you did. They look great.

  11. Jill, that looks
    like A LOT of
    elbow grease, to
    me ~ great job!!!
    I like a touch of
    black in a room....
    but not a matching
    set of black pieces.
    This really looks
    wonderful, especially
    with your accessories;
    that includes the
    necklaces : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  12. Looks great Jill! When you get a chance, give me a ring, I would love to hear all about Junk Bonanza and any future fun stuff! Love all the necklaces. I will have to take a pic of the very neat pine piece I scored from someone's garage that I am going to make into my jewlery "center", complete with some neat anthro hooks for all my necklaces. So fun! Miss ya girl!

  13. It really looks beautiful. Well done!

  14. Hi Jill....!

    Don't you just LOVE the transformation a little paint can bring to a piece....!!

    Hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

    Cheers from Australia ** sigh **,
    Tamarah :o)

  15. well hello jill
    owner or black 90's furniture
    but honestly
    i thought the first photo , pre makeover was actually the after
    & i tottaly was digging
    but i am loving the white

    you are so funny :)

  16. You did a great job! Love your knobs. Wait...did that sound like I was coming on to you? I have a black coffee table awaiting the same treatment as your nightstands. I need white and light!

  17. I so enjoy your blog...you have such great style! :)

  18. ooooh. i love the necklace in the last picture with the circles and teensy lettering(says emma)i have never seen one so small and love the look. please let me know where you got it. thanks bunches!


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