yesterday i visited one of my favorite monthly occasional sales.  i could not help but get in the christmas spirit.....it might have been all the vintage holiday decor, the classic carols being played or the christmas cookies that were plentiful {but of course i had none of those!}.....

i bought a bit for me and also decided to buy a bit for you....{er, at least one lucky winner}.....

this giveaway includes, the three holiday inspired vocabulary cards, the three vintage glass ornaments and the little silver trophy bowl they are displayed in....

to enter just leave me a comment telling me your favorite christmas cookie/treat.....

if you blog, tweet or facebook about the giveaway, consider yourself entered twice!

i will close the comments on sunday at midnight and announce the winner on monday.

have a great weekend!

35 comments on "....giveaway...."
  1. Fun giveaway, Jill! Love these goodies...thanks so much!

  2. I posted this on my sidebar, too!

  3. One favorite?!That is quite hard but I think I'll have to go with pumpkin bread.Now I'm hungry and may just have to go and make some.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such pretty things you are giving away! My fave holiday treat are probably pizelles just because they are such a tradition in my family!

  5. Love sugar cookies with lots of frosting!


  6. those words "merry peppermint tree" make me have an idea! :)


  7. Oh what a cute giveaway!!! I love all cookies, but at Christmas my favorite is a thin crispy sugar cookie with sprinkles, of course!

  8. I love the holiday themed cards. Too cute!

    My favorite Xmas cookie is a snowball. Perfect with a cup of coffee :)

  9. Don't say yuck, but dark fruit cake is my absolute favorite. Comes from a Monestary in Missouri and my father in law sends it every year. Problem is my kids like it too and now I have to share. Ho Ho Ho!

  10. Great giveaway! So sweet to think of your readers :) I'm with Sharon, thin crispy sugar cookies are a MUST!!

  11. Great giveaway ! My favorite cookie is rolled cut outs with tons of frosting & sprinkles

  12. Such pretties! Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the peanut butter hershey kiss cookies.

  13. Great giveaway! My favorite Christmas treat looks like a cookie but is actually a candy. I think my mom called them peanut butter suprise, but it doesn't matter as long as I make some to eat. Many of the cookies and candies I make for Christmas are great and easy to make but I only make them for Christmas and it just makes it so much better when you have to wait a whole year to get them again.

  14. How sweet of you to do a little extra shopping!

    I love all you've found and sure hope they get to come to my house for a visit. LOL

    My favorite Christmas treat are . . . Peanut Butter Balls. Not a great name but OH. MY. ARE TEHY TASTY! My mom makes them every year and we all look forward to them. I swear within the first half hour of arriving at her house someone "mysteriously" disappears. It's almost a sure bet that they're sneaking a few. Which is hard to do since mom buries them on the bottom, in the back of the fridge for just that reason. LOL It's just not Christmas until you've creep to the kitchen!

  15. I make my famous Cranberry bliss bars ;-)
    maybe i'll make them one day for you....

  16. My favourite Christmas goodies are Swiss Cinnamon Stars cookies.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  17. Sugar Cookies with cream cheese frosting.

    And sprinkles.

    Cute ones.

    And Kenny tickets go on sale on the 7th...don't forget!


  18. First, I love the vintage vocab cards, so amazing!

    My favorite holiday snack is also the thing I make all the time for our cookie exchange at church: Chocolate Hazlenut Biscotti. They're so yummy and you have to dip them in a hot drink, so they make you slow down and take time to enjoy the holiday in the midst of all the rushing!

  19. Lovely Giveaway!!!!!! My favorite Christmas cookie would be for sure the famous sugar cookies, that I always love making with my little girls... We love to make them all pretty, with different Christmas shapes, colors, and even some sparkles to give out to special people in our life!!!!! So much fun, but dont get me wrong, I make plenty of other favorite treats too!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  20. I love them all, but I' have to say that fudge is my all time favorite! Thanks girl! xoxo

  21. My favorite treat - fudge! My daughter and I always make a batch or 2 (or 3) and we love it!

  22. What beautiful treasures! I love the sugar cookies with buttercream frosting that my aunt and cousin make every holiday! I hope they make some this year. I have never tried making the frosting myself...maybe I should this year!

  23. such pretty vintage ornaments!!
    one day i'd love to decorate an entire tree with nothing but vintage!
    great giveaway jill
    & ps...my fave treat is homemade iced sugar cookies

  24. My favorite treat is spritz cookies, they remind me of my Swedish heritage and home!


  26. What a great giveaway! I would love, love, love the flashcards and the ornaments are so dreamy. My favorite holiday treat would have to be "cookies". Sugar cookies, pinwheels, pink ponies (to die for), etc. I really have a hard time staying away from the all the Christmas goodies. That's why I have been on the tread mill for the last couple of weeks. (LOL) I can't believe Christmas is 21 days away! Happy Holidays to you and your family and thank you for a chance to win.

  27. ~*~wonderful giveaway!! My favorite Christmas treat is gooey chocolate fudge or starbuck's cranberry bliss bars!!!! :)Hugs,Rachel

  28. I also posted the giveaway on my sidebar.

  29. Caramel topped chocolate chip cookies!

  30. i love peanut butter buckeyes! lovely giveaway!

  31. My aunt's mint puff cookies. They always were my favorites.


  32. Great idea and giveaway, thanks for hosting. My favorite holiday treats are macaroons but I dont know how to make them. lol So my daughter and I made Marshmellow Snowmen pops this weekend instead. (posting this week on my blog)

  33. Oh, darn, I missed
    the cut-off! No blog
    reading for me this
    weekend as I was consumed
    with getting ready for
    my daughter's Christmas
    party, which was yesterday
    from 1-6....Crafts, movie,
    dinner, etc. etc. Why
    is it that I was more
    nervous about this gathering
    than having a dinner party?
    I worked for days getting
    it all ready! It was a big
    hit and my daughter was soooo
    happy with how everything turned
    out. She was a big help, too.
    Anyway, looks like you may
    have been to the H Antiques sale? Nice goodies for a lucky someone.
    Happy Monday, Jill!
    xx Suzanne

  34. My mom's divinity and my mother-in-law's mounds bars.

  35. Your Grandmas sugar cookies are are new fav's. We gave them to friends and get asked to make them all the time now... YUM

    Dang; Cant get my google account to work..


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