i'm a little bit country........

I confess, lately I have been experiencing a bit of an identity crisis. Deep down, I know I am a city girl but I often dream of being a little bit country.....

Driving one of these....a big John Deere!

while wearing these, of course.....{duh!}...

Creating a comfy nest here......

where i would be making all sorts of delicious-ness in here......

while gazing out my window at this view......

Of course, my identity crisis has nothing to do with the fact that this week I had "scheduled" the day and time when tickets for this country boy's {swoon} concert would go on sale on his fan club website {why yes I am a member!}....Turns out I will be dusting off my cowgirl boots on June 11 and pretending to be a little bit country, identity crisis solved.

*all pictures from google images
16 comments on "i'm a little bit country........"
  1. Adorable post! I'm so in love with that kitchen.

  2. Jill...were we twins separated at birth??? ;)

  3. I'm a country fan, too....
    Drives my family a
    bit nuts. But, there
    you have it....Have
    to indulge my inner
    country mouse!!
    xx Suzanne

  4. I'd like to be a country girl too. I pretend I am most of the time. I grow veggies and flowers, collect things that say country to me and sing country music at the top of my lungs - - all from the cozy comfort of my little house in town.

  5. Ok, ok...so did you get sandbar tickets???? I about died when I saw the ticket prices, but then again I guess we are paying for 4 big names! ;o)

    I can't wait!


  6. Love this post! Lucky you to be going. I'm a suburban girl who is a fair bit country. My kids joke that the only guy I would leave my hubby for is George Strait!

  7. I live in the country part of town. We have sheep, goats, roosters, chickens and a labrador. But if I want to go to the fancy mall it is literally 15 mins away from me. I love that I can go visit my friends who live in housesthisclose in the suburbs which means after 5 cars in the drive way there is no room for anyone else to park (ugh!)it's nice to visit the burbs but nothing feels like home like the openness of country living on our acres. I never have lived in the subdivisions but after living in the country you feel to spoiled to be cluttered next to anyone else.

  8. I have to say there just isn't anything like country life. Peaceful. Wonderful. What a great concert to attend... I'm sure it is going to be amazing! And... there is nothing like a Deere! ;)

  9. Yeah Girl! I love some Kenney Chesney!! I try to see him every time he's any where close! Hoping to see him again this summer!
    Love this post!
    Tammy :-)

  10. ahhh! I've seen him twice in concert, don't you just love him? He's right up there with Tim Mcgraw! Love ya! Melaine

  11. well no wonder you think your tractor is sexy!

  12. I totally agree, Jill. I grew up in the city, moved to a house on a lake, then moved to a farmhouse on 12 acres. Gotta say I love the country life the best! Now....if I could just morph that kitchen you posted into my house, I'd be reeeally happy! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. yeah girl come to the dark side. country life is the best. hehehe. that kitchen is one of my all time favorites. someday!!!!

  14. jill, having *country* in your soul is out of your control....its DNA or something. ha! i too always lived IN the city, but loved the idea of a simple-country/farm life (to the chagrin of my city-slicker parents & brother). i married a farm boy and have never looked back!! yeeeeeehawwww! p.s. they lived their golden years in country on our land. ironic, huh?

  15. i have those same country dreams, except my backdrop would be maui mountains! loved spending time with you today friend:)

  16. LOVE that house, and would love to create yummy dishes in that kitchen as well!


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