It's going to be ok.....

First, thank you from the bottom of my little heart for all of the encouraging words, well wishes and general support left in the comment section on my last post.  I am blown away by the support from all of you, it certainly helps me muster my mojo!

It has been a busy week.  And while I did say in my last post that our girls are excited about the news of our move, that is not to say that they have their moments of sadness, particularly my youngest daughter who has never handled change very well.  She does not even like it when I change the sheets on her bed!

When my husband confirmed that "yes" his company had approved our relocation back to Oregon I was over the moon happy....elated!  After we shared the news with our girls and my little one burst into tears,  my feelings of happiness quickly turned to feelings of guilt.  Mothers, we are really good at guilt.  I felt guilty about feeling so happy about something that was bringing so much sadness to one of my girls. Ugh!

So imagine my surprise this week when the little one used the lego set she got for Christmas to construct this "new on the market" cottage.  I am not sure of the asking price or which realtor got the listing.  However, I am certain that my sweet little girl will be OK.

We have a second showing today!  Woo-hoo! Say a prayer if you can, please.  Better get off the computer and go run the vacuum!

Next week - a trip to Portland to check out private schools for the girls!
12 comments on "It's going to be ok....."
  1. you're right sweetie, it is going to be ok.
    i feel like the limbo interim time is the hardest.
    i love the note you made about one of your girls resisting change...hysterical, but i can relate!
    good luck today

  2. I love this so much! We are also planning a move but both kids are so small they don't really know much. But we are going home and I am over the mood too!!

  3. Oh that is so sweet Jill! You are coming next week? Hooray! Let me know if you have some time to get together!

  4. I am sending lots of prayers and hugs your way, Jill. It will be ok. I promise.

    I hope your showing... and your little love's open house... are both a success! ;)

    Be Blessed!

  5. Congratulations on the move "home" I hope the transition goes smoothly! I'm sure your cottage will sell fast due to the wonderful neighborhood. Best of luck and I hope to continue to read your blog. Hopefully you'll still return for the Junk Bonanza!

  6. That is so sweet, she's dealing with it in her own special way. Good luck with school hunting, and with Open Houses. Ugg I don't miss those days.

  7. Oh, that is so cute! My 17 year old did not like change when he was little.

    He howled when I rearranged the living room furniture, sobbed hysterically when we had to buy a new car ("I liked the OLD one better!") and got upset when I got my hair cut. Fortunately, he has outgrown it all.

    When we moved, the first thing we did was set up our son's bedroom. We tried to arrange the furniture and toys exactly as it was in his old room.

    We did this by packing his furniture and some of his favorite toys last in the van (with a few other "pack this last/unload first" boxes with things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.).

    We assigned two friends to put his room together, and to put the rest of the beds and crib together, and to make the beds.

    That way, we could all sleep in our own beds that night.

    Anyway, it went very well, and just thought I'd mention it.

  8. Jill!!!! You are gonna be like 2 hours away!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Farm chicks is a lot closer this way too ! Melaine

  9. Oh Jill....it's kind of bittersweet for you, it sounds. I pray that the move will be a happy one for you all - and of course, we're all excited to see you work your magic in your new home! :) Will be praying for a smooth and easy move for you.

    xoxo laurie

  10. Wishing you a quick smooth sale and new adventures!

  11. You and I have
    both lived it,
    from both sides....
    as the child, and
    as the mother. At
    the time, it is
    very hard, but
    kids are sooo
    resiliant, and this
    time, you have the
    sweetener of Grandma
    and Grandpa living
    much closer : ) Not
    only will it be okay,
    it will be great!!
    xx Suzanne

  12. I have my fingers CROSSED fo ryou Jill....You live in such an ATTRACTIVE area I'm hoping an offer will come in above & beyond the asking price toot sweet....!!

    Sending POSITIVE wishes your way,
    Tamarah :o)


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