fun things to distract me from what i really should be thinking about....

Our family's relocation is definitely consuming much of my time these days.  But in the midst of a brutal Minnesota winter, I find myself dreaming of spring fashions and....... home decor{of course}.  Here are some of the things I am lovin' these days:

First, trouser jeans!  They're back for spring, yippee!  For girls like me who are blessed with perfect "birthing hips" they bring much need balance to our proportions {if ya know what I mean}.

I think I need to make space on my kitchen counter for this guy - from Anthro, of course!

I love the texture these pillows from West Elm would provide to all white palette - a great way to add a modern touch and cozy too!
 From Pottery Barn - why am I such a sucker for a bird pillow - still!?
 I WILL have a farmhouse sink in my next kitchen, I will dammit!
Thank you so much for all your words of support and encouragement.  I love the blog world!  So I have to know, what's distracting you these days???
11 comments on "fun things to distract me from what i really should be thinking about...."
  1. Well Jill, that farm sink is distracting me for sure! I'm lusting after one myself once we remodel our kitchen. My dh knows it's on the top of my list of "wants" along with creamy subway tile for a backsplash...I love those trousers too!

  2. Oh no! Now I NEED that owl...goodness me. I would love a farmhouse sink, white subway tile backsplash and gorgeous dark, hand-scrapped wide-planked hardwood floors. HA! Can you tell that's been distracting me:)

  3. I too want a farm house sink and subway tile. I DREAM it. I think we should all turn our dreams to plans. Hope your search for a new home is going well.

  4. LOVE the trouser jeans - such a cute style and fit! I'm distracted by shoes, everywhere I go.

  5. love your distractions.
    that winking owl? oh my goodness is he cute

  6. YES, you WILL have
    one of those sinks...
    darn-it : ) !!
    Glad to see that you
    are back and I hear
    you are spinning your
    little tush off.
    Let's strap on those
    snow shoes SOON, okay?
    I think there is more
    snow in the forecast ~
    xx Suzanne

  7. Love...Love...Love those jeans!! and that sink...well! It's fabulous:)

  8. I am with you on the farmhouse sink!!

  9. Such prettiness. I've never tried trouser jeans and I have those same hips so I will put it on my to do list.

    I'm distracted by the promise of house hunting and trying the new french bakery that opens today in the Village. A promising day!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sets out to do one thing and finds herself doing quite another within minutes..... What is UP with THAT??? lol! Hmmm....can I just blame it on menopause....??

    I'm also loving those pants, Jill. I'm such a boho chic anyway, so all of my pants are flared, wide-legged, or bell-bottomed! Not to mention that it does distract from some over ample hips. lol! And that sink? Oh yeah.....total sweetness!

    xoxo laurie

  11. love your pics here...i feel exactly the same way about farmhouse sinks!!
    check out my post here (if you'd like to) http://asortoffairytalegirl.blogspot.com/2011/01/wash-n-fold-laundry-rooms-to-inspire.htm

    lots of farmhouse sinks!


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