Farm Chicks Finds....

Do you see it?

My favorite Farm Chicks find happily placed in my dining room?

Here is the beauty!  {circa 1880, Austria}

I have long admired European benches but had never taken the leap and
purchased one.   When I saw this one at a fabulous booth {a new vendor, no less}
I knew she had to be mine.  I had thought a bench in my dining room
would provide some additional flexible seating and this one
fits the bill perfectly!  My kids have come to call it our "kitchen couch".

I think tied with the bench for "favorite purchase" is this vintage Portland, Oregon
city map.  It was difficult to photograph the whole thing....don't even
get me started on my camera problems!  Let's just say, I am in the market
for a new one as these photos will attest!

This is a fun sign purchased from Retreat.  

And the last purchase I am showing you proves that patience pays off!  

You see, I had purchased two vintage science lab stools at the 2009 Junk Bonanza.  While
I was lucky to get two matching stools, I had always wished for a third.  Well, I found a VERY close match to my two matching stools at Farm Chicks!  Yippeee!!!  Can you tell
which one is not like the others????
13 comments on "Farm Chicks Finds...."
  1. The one in the center? Because the top is only slightly different. BUt I think I wouldn't like them as much if they were all exactly alike. I love that one is the slightest bit different! I love your bench. I have one almost the same on my covered patio and don't think I haven't thought of bring it into my dining room so we can be twins!

  2. Well your trip paid off for sure awesome finds!Love the bench~Cheers Kim

  3. i love peeks into your house. inspires me...yes it does! love your treasures. that bench and those stools are awesome.

  4. LOVE all of your finds! How fun! Your home looks fabulous.

  5. Great bench! And great find on the stool! Your kitchen looks like you've been there a lot longer than a month. Beautiful!

  6. What a journey you have been on with the move!

    Love the new cottage and the bench if Fabulous! You have the perfect spot for it.

  7. Love the kitchen couch! And the "almost" matching stool without the criss-cross at the bottom! ::):

  8. Did you buy the bench from the boys who go to Europe...every month! *sigh* I photographed a similar bench in their booth. Ahhh...what a lovely addition to our vintage community...and what terrific additions to your home!

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. Jill,
    THANK you for posting another picture of the lantern! I haven't purchased yet, I was worried about the bottom being solid without light shining through. But after seeing this picture, you pretty much got me. It's got serious appeal. Hate to ask anything more, but did you ever mention your cabinet and wall color? You got good taste girl, what can I say.

  10. I love that bench!.. I just found your blog. Greetings from another PNW blogger..I live in Eastern Wa. I really wanted to do Farm Chicks..but maybe next year :)

  11. Love your blog!! I have had my eye on this same lantern from Ballard Design for a while now and was worried about the bottom being blacked out. I read some reviews and some weren't too good. You might have already done this, but could you tell me if the shadow on the table or anything else about it bothers you? It is gorgeous! It really makes a statement over your table! Thanks so much! Erin

  12. my email is southernliving@hotmail.com by the way! Thanks again, Erin


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