If you need me, I'll be in my office...

I had fun doing a mini-makeover of my new laundry room.  Don't get me wrong, the laundry room
was pretty good when we bought the home.  Although not very big, the room came
with a built-in front loading washer and dryer, lots of cabinets for storage, and even 
a built-in ironing board {which sadly, will get ZERO use from me}.

The previous owners had placed hand-painted {by their grandchildren} tiles along the 
backsplash and requested that they be able to take them with them.....no
problemo!  Instead of having them replaced with plain white 4x4 tiles, I
instead told them to leave it alone.  What was left was goopy tile
adhesive and walls that needed some TLC.

Because I have no patience and wanted to spruce up my "office space" ASAP,
I decided to try the beadboard wallpaper that has gotten so much press
in blogland to cover my less than perfecto walls.

**disclaimer.....I did not actually install the beadboard wallpaper, I 
let my super handy dad do that for me when he visited one weekend. Thanks papa!

I love the results!  The wallpaper really, like really, looks like beadboard.

Because I spend oodles of time in this small space, I decorated it with some 
favorite finds - my "Feather Your Nest" sign {cause that's what I do!}, 
a vintage chalkboard I bought recently from my friend, Cindy {aka The Queen of Tarte},
an old Ball jar where I collect all my "tips"{loose laundry change}.

I also removed the bar that is intended to hang items to dry {or freshly ironed shirts, ahem!} on....
and installed two open display shelves {from IKEA} cause I wanted a pretty view into
the room.

And cause I am a sucker for details, I changed the knobs to these
pretties from Restoration Hardware.

Paint is "Grey Owl" from my buddy Benjamin Moore - it's my new absolute 
favorite grey!
11 comments on "If you need me, I'll be in my office..."
  1. What would we do without our Dads! It looks great! I would have ZERO use for a built in ironing board as well!
    Enjoy your PRETTY office!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Love it! I also spend a great deal of time in the utility room!! Great idea with the tip jar, I'm stealing that one!!!

  3. Your "office" looks awesome, I'd have never guessed that was the wallpaper!! A Whirlpool Duet tip (as we just had to replace our 8 year old Duets this month)...every few months, open the panel below the washer drum and twist off the cap and empty the drain. You'll be surprised how often that thing will fill up with random things, baby socks was our big one years ago! And you NEVER want to get the F2 error code and have to open that drain with tons of water pouring out at you! That's my tip o the day! :-)

  4. fancy little office you have there;) love the chalk board. i'll have to keep that wallpaper in mind. that's an awesome idea.

  5. I too have a tip jar. Sadly, mine is filled with legos and guitar picks.
    Your room looks great! You're making progress!

  6. Looks fabulous! I like the colour too... will have to look for it next time I'm in BM.

  7. Love the "office". I've been wondering about the wallpaper, so glad to hear you like it. My laundry room "office" is currently under construction..someday. Thanks for stopping over at the blog! It's been nice and hot but today it's pretty chilly. Hopefully it will warm up soon. Love all of your recent posts. Hope you are enjoying home.

  8. Gray Owl is my go to gray with color clients, good choice.

  9. I keep loving
    grey paint named
    after owls. Think
    it's a sign? Love
    your spiffy laundry
    xx Suzanne

  10. Your "obey" sign is inspiring me to re-do my husband's bathroom.
    I love doing laundry (satisfying of having a job with a beginning and a measurable completion) and I'd love to do it in a room a pretty as yours.

  11. That is a lovely space. We have the same laundry cabinets, and your knobs really add some nice bling.


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