The festivities have begun!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's home in 
central Oregon; lots of eating, playing games, a day of skiing in fresh
powder, a little shopping at the local shops and lots of relaxing!
My kind of holiday!

Probably the best memory made was going to cut down our Christmas
tree in the forest!  Although we lived almost 9 years
in Oregon we had never gotten a $5 tree cutting permit and 
hiked through 'nature's tree lot' to find the perfect natural tree.

We all agreed that this new tradition is a 'keeper'! It was
so much fun and the warm temperatures and little snow at this
elevation made the experience all the more enjoyable!
The girls enjoyed the hot cocoa at the coffee shop afterwards.

Despite my attempts to slow down the coming frenzy, I guess it's here.  
I have a feeling that this year it will be enjoyed more by our family; we
are happy at home in the place we love, we have employment,
good health, family and friends near {which means no holiday travel} and the
joyful anticipation as our girls wait to celebrate Jesus' birth!

Bring it on.......I guess....

4 comments on "The festivities have begun!"
  1. How fun! Yes those 5.00 trees are something else.We are very close to the hills and visit them often here in Oregon.It's lots of fun and good memories.Looks like you made some yourself~Cheers Kim

  2. a$5 tree would be hard to pass up. you look so happy girl.

  3. What a wonderful new tradition, Jill! Looks like you all had such a great time! :) My decor is all up. Yeah, I jumped right into the season! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Cutting your own tree down sounds like so much fun, here is California, or at least where we live it is hard to find a place to actually cut your own tree~ sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and so much to be thankful for! I hope the new job it treating you well~ xo


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