a perfect ending....{after a new beginning}....

First, thank you to all of you who commented and voiced your
support of my returning to part-time work.  I have really experienced
a plethora of emotions.  'Cause while the opportunity is near-perfect, at just 20 hours
per week, in the industry I have significant experience and success, time off when my 
children are off {including summers!}, it was a week of mixed emotions.

I returned to work as a Development Director at a private school.  I worked
in  not-for-profit  management, specifically fundraising, before I had
my children.  This job opportunity was brought to my attention by the 
Development Director at my daughter's school - she knew about
my prior experience and my desire to return to work, albeit part-time.  
It was quite the serendipitous road back to work.....

I admire those of you who are "pursuing the work of your dreams", acting
on your desires to put your creative talents out there.....I dabbled in
what I had thought were my creative urges and was lucky to 
be able to work with an amazing editor of a national magazine
{Ki Nassauer}, realize the long held dream of having
 my home photographed for a magazine, have
a "behind the scenes" role for a large antiques show {Junk Bonanza}
and help friends and neighbors style their homes.

I am a lucky girl.
But I am also a practical girl and steady professional work is 
probably best suited to me.  My creative side will be practiced in my own
home...oh, just you wait!  I will continue to devour every decorating/styling
magazine, e-zine, and blog I can get my hot little hands on.

For now, working 20 hours per week and tending to my family life
will fill my bucket and my time......

And blogging......yes, I have no intention of stopping this quirky, unpredictable,
frivolous online journey with you all.....

It was a busy week, an emotionally draining week, but also a good week.....

On Friday {my day off!}, I ventured to a holiday open house at local 
antiques mall!  It was a wonderfully indulgent day but much needed after
my stressful week!  I don't know what it is about strolling the aisles
of an antiques mall with a good girlfriend - chatting and laughing and saying, "oh
that is cute" about a hundred times - that fills my soul and charges my battery, but
I am so glad it does!

I can't say I am entirely ready for the holiday season.  I love Thanksgiving and loathe the rush
to Christmas that the retail community seems to do.  However, I did buy
this pretty little angel......Isn't she sweet?

After returning home from my day spent with a good friend, my husband
insisted we go to a 'Happy Hour' - just like old times before kids.  When 
we were first married and living in Chicago, we often met after work for
Happy Hour, catching up on our day and making a dinner of it! {I don't
believe we even ever had food in our apartment!}

Friday was my best day.....so far.....

***** I updated my Blog List on my sidebar with some new friends and
blogs who have inspired me lately!  Go check them out!
5 comments on "a perfect ending....{after a new beginning}...."
  1. Jill ~ I am so glad that you have found your niche and are happy at your new job! It's not easy to re-enter the work world - so kudos to you! :) And having Fridays off is like frosting on the cake! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  2. Oh girlie I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you have found a good fit...and perfect hours. So glad you are not stopping the blog. This is my link to you. Love your treasures. Wish I was there to walk the aisles of that antique mall.

  3. jill i am so tickled for you!!
    i love your perfect ending to your new beginning!!
    what a wonderful place to be.
    i can't wait to see what you do with your new home too

  4. Sounds like a wonderful fit for you Jill and having fridays off isn't so bad either!! Good luck with all the new experiences you will have and I am soo happy you and your hubby had some time together as well...I know this momma loves a good happy hour! :) xo

  5. Hi Jill~
    I just discovered your blog via My Sweet Savannah and I love it! I especially love this post. I just wrote a similar post about a week ago. I too have decided to put the brakes on my dream of a creative career and focus my creative energy on my own home. I haven't given up my dream, but i have to say it feels like such a relief to get my priorities back in order. Thanks for this. Glad to know I'm not alone. Happy holidays to you and your family!



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