Blogging and the Emmy's Red Carpet.......

Blogging definitely took a backseat to my planking project this week - see the above
Instagram photo I took yesterday.  Don't let this photo fool you - the project is
far from done - painting and caulking still need to be completed and I would
love to paint the ceiling and replace the pot lights with cute fixtures.......
What I have learned is this - I have no future in adding DIY projects 
to this blog - I will stick with posts focused on decorating and
design, period, end of story.

But in all seriousness, I love how my formerly, very boring hallway with SIX
doors is looking!  This photo was actually taken from the place I
stand in my kitchen, like 6 hours a day it seems.  It's the small
things, like looking down at my planked walls, that make me very happy!
So done or not, I am thrilled!

As I write this I am watching E! Live from the Red Carpet - it's 
my favorite part of the whole award show thing.  I almost never
watch the award show itself, is that weird?  

And finally - the long awaited winner of the LoveFeast giveaway is........
commenter #11 {as chosen by my 11 year old}......


**Check your email!

6 comments on "Blogging and the Emmy's Red Carpet......."
  1. Jill I would just sit and stare all day. Gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE how it looks! I'm with you- I do NOT like doing things myself, but am always so happy when I am finished and every time I walk by I can enjoy them~ Great job- it looks fabulous.

  3. I think it looks fantastic and you have more fired up than ever to tackle that job in my house some day in the not so distant future!

  4. Love love love the planks! I've been drooling over your snapshots on instagram. I can't wait to see more!

  5. We will be planking walls in our bathroom this fall. Hope it turns out as beautifully as this!


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