D.i.y. dilemmas....

I had hoped to share a d.i.y. project with you all this week.....
a sort of "hey, look at me with my kids all back in
school, clients taken care of, laundry done AND 
my walls freshly planked".  It was going to be EPIC,
cause, let's face it.....around here at the Forever*Cottage you get
a lot of decorating but not much d.i.y. - I leave that to 
other bloggers who are far better at it than me......Hey,
I don't even know if officially I need to put periods between
d.i.y. or do I just say diy, which my Mac does not
like and tries to tell me is a misspelled word.

But instead I am sharing a photo of my new/vintage French
hat rack that I finally got around to hanging in my entry....
which by the way is looking better these days.....

And take a guess what I am doing this weekend?

That's right, finishing my d.i.y. planking project.....
cause nothing ever goes as planned.....that's what
all you expert d.i.y.-ers would tell me, huh?

Oh, and I have an entire soccer team and their
parents coming over for a meeting/dinner tomorrow
night......better get planking {so much better than twerking right?}.....
{sorry I couldn't resist}

3 comments on "D.i.y. dilemmas...."
  1. Can you twerk? No one in my family can. We haven't tried planking yet, but it sounds much more doable;).

    1. Ha! I better not catch anyone of my girls twerking! I have discovered that planking is not as easy as it looks but I'd much rather do it than twerk!

  2. Love that rack!, looks great.

    I am your newest follower.



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