An outtake.....aka, how bloggers get the shot!

I cracked up when I saw this shot included in all the photos
I took for yesterday's post.  

I often think about what a fool
I must look like in my house during my faux photo shoots!
If my dogs could only talk!  

This photo is just a small glimpse into my klutziness!
3 comments on "An outtake.....aka, how bloggers get the shot!"
  1. Funny!! :) I love your shirt.

  2. So true! I know my neighbors think I'm a loon taking pictures of the house and garden. Lately I'm out there painting furniture and taking pictures of that too.

    Adorable room you daughter has BTW.

  3. lol! What we won't do for a good photo, huh Jill??? lolol! Even my hubby has started saying things like, "This would make a good picture for your blog" and "Did you take a picture of this for your blog??" lolol!

    xoxo laurie


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