My home.......{the day I went all trendy}

While visiting a new antiques mall in Portland recently, I spied
a great antler mount for a really decent price.  I scooped them
up before I could really think what I wanted to do with them.

Seems antler mounts are all the rage these days - but for
me, it seemed the perfect winter accessory for above my fireplace.
{my family may, or may not, have other opinions}

I can't wait to dress it up with a wreath for Christmas - or maybe 
some pom pom garland!  I added a vintage frame for effect!

{don't even get me started on my granite tile surround - it's going
to be changed - SOON!}

So what do you think?  Taxidermy in design, a trend or here to stay?
11 comments on "My home.......{the day I went all trendy}"
  1. Love it all! The striped chair is awesome and inspired by the idea of the wall collage going all the way to the floorboards!!! Xoxo, tracie

  2. I think it's a classic trend. They have been in and out over the years. But I love mine and yours looks great! I like how you used the frame!

  3. It's not a look I love. I prefer to see them on the actual, live animals. I'm the same way about furs.

  4. I'm from Texas and they aren't a design trend. They are a forever dusty thing on the wall. The funny thing is that somehow you make it look great to me. :)

  5. I think if you like something you should use it... it doesn't matter if its "trendy" or not. :)
    Think it looks fantastic!

  6. Draped in a pom pom garland for Christmas would be darling. Where is your coffee tabled from? I've seen similar styles, but I like how yours has the lower shelf.

  7. We are from Texas, so taxidermy has always been in our home, my parents home, and my grandparents home. Hunting is a big deal around here- and many of us spend seasons as hunting widows ;) I do think it's a trend, especially for those who don't really hunt or display their trophy mounts.

  8. I love it! I have been obsessed lately with antlers. I have a huge wood bowl full of them on my coffee table.

  9. If you like it, then it doesn't matter if it is on trend or not. I could be convinced when it is dressed up for Christmas! It is beautifully executed and the proportions are spot on. I look forward to hearing about the change to the fireplace granite surround. It looks nice to me as is, so you much have a very interesting upgrade in mind.

  10. It's a classic, when you think
    about it....and I do think it's here
    to stay, if you love it! Love your
    new addition : )

    xo Suzanne

  11. LOVE it too! I need an antler mount stat!


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