Thoughts and Ramblings…..because it's Friday!

 That time of year has finally come to our house…
back to school.

My sophomore's first day is Monday. My 7th grader
is lucky and is spared the dreaded day until the
day after Labor Day. {She gets a week to 
rub that fact in to her sister.}

As a momma, I can get caught up in thinking about
what my girls' growing up means for me…..
  {I still find it really hard to  believe
I have a sophomore in high school and that my baby
will  be a 7th grader.}  But this summer has
provided many opportunities for me to remember that
it is not about me, it's about them…….

Raising girls is not for sissies…….you dream that they will be 
confident, kind, smart, ambitious, hopeful, brave, 
funny, uninhibited, moral, driven, conscientious, 
good decision makers….and so many other adjectives!

And I am proud that so many of these seeds have taken root
in my girls…..but oh, their ages, peers, media can challenge everything and
anything that we have helped them become…..

My girls are very different…..one is naturally self-assured
{sometimes when she has no business being so}, the other has
 struggled with her identity and who she really is.
I have to say this was the summer of break-throughs for 
my struggler - Praise the Lord!  It is a wonderful thing
to watch your child really figure out who they are, 
what brings their being to life, embrace their uniqueness as
special and worthy…..ah, no feeling like it all!

And then there is the high schooler…..I hear sophomore year 
brings some changes…..driver's licenses, friend shifts,
facing sometimes moral decisions {ahem}, school gets harder,
there is more at stake……Those adjectives listed above will be tested, 
I predict……My girl is strong but has a soft heart and I know
sometimes through her tough girl exterior she hurts, is stressed
and has tinges of self-doubt……I know this is totally normal.
Heck!  I am OFTEN stressed, hurt and have feelings of self-doubt.
But boy, would I like my girls to be spared of all of that crap!

This week tested both my girls in many ways……it was
tryout week for both of them - one for volleyball and the other soccer.
It was a week filled with stress, anticipation, self-doubt, exhilaration and
mixed-emotions, but ultimately, a good lesson in practicing all 
those adjectives listed above………
They both ROCKED it!

Sophomore year and 7th grade……here WE come!

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2 comments on "Thoughts and Ramblings…..because it's Friday!"
  1. I love this. I have two girls who are also three years apart in school, although now they're in 6th and 3rd. I see my future in so many of your posts. It is hard to raise quality kids. I suppose the fact that we genuinely care puts us ahead of many other parents.

    Oh, I also have a little guy in first grade. His main purpose seems to be to tick off his sisters constantly. Aside from Minecraft, that is his one true joy.

    I hope your girls have a great year - and you too!

  2. I love this post! Boy, you hit the nail on the head. I have 2 little boys, baby and preschooler, but everything you wrote hits home for them too, even at this very young age. Mine is starting K in a year and I have so many fears and worries for him…silly I know but I always worry about my kids! Constantly question myself and our decisions as parents. It's SO hard! Your girls sound like they're off to a wonderful start, good luck to both of them this year.


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