Happy to Friday to YOU!

We made it - it's Friday! The first Friday in December in fact!

I don't know about you, but the first week of December always
seems frantic and leaves me feeling panicked….this year was 
no different…..but I decided to embrace it.  I worked hard this week
in order to {hopefully} be able to enjoy the rest of the month….
I ordered gifts online, made dinner reservations for Christmas Eve
{a new plan but one I hope will allow me less stress}, decorated our home
and handled some preparations for a cookie exchange I am hosting
later this month…..It feels good!  

Next Friday,  I am joining three very talented ladies to show
you how we each bring Christmas to our kitchens.  Besides festive
decor, we will be sharing a favorite holiday recipe.  My 7th
grader loves joining me in the kitchen so this weekend we are
making and packaging our favorite granola receipe for
teacher gifts.  I will be sharing our recipe!

And maybe, just maybe, I will post some photos of
our home decorated for Christmas next week too.  I know
there are SO many house tours out there, which is a lot
to compete with……But lower your expectations, then
come back to the Forever*Cottage and see how I brought
Christmas into our home all while keeping my sanity, working with my
design clients, making my family dinner and getting the laundry done.
{cause this girl refuses to allow Christmas to be the boss of me}

  By the way, read THIS post from
The Nester, she articulates my feelings to a 'T'.

Wishing you a weekend of peace and love….

1 comment on "Happy to Friday to YOU!"
  1. I would love to see your scaled back Christmas decorating! There was a day when I used to remove almost all my accessories and replace them with Christmas decor but those days are happily gone. Now I add a few treasured pieces and add bits of greenery and lights and am so much happier. Before the minute we got home on Christmas Day evening from my parents house I would start taking decorations down because they were driving me crazy with just too much clutter.


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