Reflecting on designing for all of you…..

Wade Family Space

Just over two years ago I began offering e-design services via this blog.
About the same time, I also began working with local homeowners to make their 
homes beautiful and functional.  It has been quite the journey - the time has
fulfilled and challenged me in so many ways.  I feel amazingly blessed
to be able to do something I love so much on my own terms in a way
that still allows me to be available for my family too.  

This past year, I worked with almost 40 e-design clients from 
all over the United States!  I still can't believe that number!
I love the interactions, the plethora of emails, the frantic pace and 
the sharing of ideas…..the one fact that most of you have in common is
that you LOVE you a neutral space!  Seriously…..it's a trend that isn't 
going away anytime soon.  

As I wrap up 2014, I thought I would share the design I just completed for
a sweet blog reader who lives in a unique home that has GREAT bones!
It was fun to work on this space knowing that the pieces chosen 
were going to shine in the unique architectural backdrop.
I hope she shares photos when the room is put together!

If you would like to work on a space in your home in 2015, please contact
me soon.  I am taking just THREE e-design clients per month in order
to accommodate the growing number of local clients I am working with.
I charge $350 for a room design and require just a 50% deposit 
to reserve your space in my design queue.

3 comments on "Reflecting on designing for all of you….."
  1. That's awesome! I've been looking into that. I have a much easier time telling someone what they should do in a space than I do figuring out my own. How rewarding and I'm glad it's working out so well for you!!! Congrats!!

  2. Jill, I have enjoyed working with you on my family room! I love your ideas and suggestions, and I can't wait to begin transforming my space. xo~Shonda


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