A Departure

I was gone this past weekend - back to Pennsylvania to attend the Penn State graduation of my ......HUSBAND. Yes, that's right, at 44 years young he received a master's degree. We were all super proud.

This post is a definite departure from the regular (and quite frivolous, if I may so myself) content of this highly sophisticated blog but thought I would share this momentous occasion with all of you. Oh, don't worry, I managed to get in some good shopping while I was back in Pennsylvania at my favorite Pottery Barn Outlet and will post those pictures tomorrow.

I also discovered a new Anthropologie concept store called "Terrain". They just opened in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and it is an Anthro owned home and garden store. You would have thought I died and gone to heaven, the kind of heaven where God hired a fabulous stylist direct from Anthropologie to decorate the heavenly place. I even took some pictures with my iPhone to share with all of you later this week!

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2 comments on "A Departure"
  1. Jill,

    Such an adorable family picture! Congratulations to your husband...and congratulations to YOU too! My husband got his MBA several years ago and not only is it a lot of work for the husband but it's a lot of work for the wife taking on more of the home-load while he's working, writing papers, studying etc! :) Great accomplishment!

    Looking forward to seeing you at "Farm Chicks" in a few weeks! Should be tons of fun! Can't wait!

    Meg (West Linn) :)


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