Missing My Monthly Magazine Fix.... Are you?

I am a recovering magazine addict....a forced withdrawal, mind you, made possible by the cancellation of so many of my favorite decorating magazines. I think I was up to approximately 7 monthly subscriptions a few short months ago. Little did I know I was such a rare species who enjoyed the good old fashioned feeling of holding a magazine in my hand and happily flipping the pages to lust after all the beautiful rooms there were to look at, be inspired by! Many times, after the kids were in bed and the last load of laundry was folded, I would open the pages again and study the pages, noting favorites, reading the accompanying article and making mental notes of things to try in my own home. Ah, the good old days.

I especially miss my Cottage Living and their style editor extraordinaire Heather Chadduck. Heather has moved over to Coastal Living where her spot-on cottage style is lost, if not wasted. Heather, if you are reading this PLEASE go somewhere we can see the REAL you...your cottage fans miss you! And, if you really need somewhere to express your inner-cottage goddess, you can come to my cottage .....I am just saying....

The magazines I still get are appreciated all the more! Better Homes and Gardens is a steady-Eddy in my book. This month (May 2009) was a great issue. I spent alot of time studying the pictures of the beautiful home of Trenna Lange which was featured in the issue. I would describe Trenna's home as contemporary cottage. I love it for it's mix of vintage wares, contemporary accessories and clean aesthetic. Trenna's home is warm, cozy and personal and done on a real-world budget! Love it.

Below is a picture of her living room. The chandelier is l-o-v-e-l-y....

How about you? What are all of you doing to get your decorating-inspiration-fix?

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7 comments on "Missing My Monthly Magazine Fix.... Are you?"
  1. I totally agree! I've gone from about 7 to practically none. In fact, I'll let go of Real Simple any day now because the recipes are getting repetitive. I sure do miss Cottage Living. So many of us miss it that it doesn't seem to make sense to not publish it... Country Home was a staple for many years as well. I just don't like Country Living quite as much. I like a more "clean" country look.

    Mostly, I just pick up a copy here and there; but, more often that that, I'm spending a lot more time perusing decorating blogs like yours and others!

    Take care,

  2. Completely feel the same... Cottage Living, Country Home and Domino left the biggest voids here. Canadian House & Home and Country Homes and Interiors (UK) have filled it somewhat. Country Living has really stepped up as has BH&G. As long as House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Veranda and Elle Decor hang in there, I'll be ok. :) Can't imagine my laptop will EVER compete with a stack of new magazines!

  3. I'm a huge magazine fan. Better Homes and Gardens has always been a favorite. This month has been great. I'm savoring it each evening when I have a moment. I also get House Beautiful, Veranda--hit or miss, Southern Living--not going to re-new, Met. Home--it was a free sub. and Martha Stewart Living-also free sub. Still BH&G is the best one. Love mail days when a magazine comes.

  4. Oh, and I get Country Living--I like it most of the time. It is probably my 2nd favorite right now. My style is not country, but there is usually something wonderful in there. BTW, I also loved the article on Treena Lange's home.

  5. I am a complete magazine addict. After my nightly shower, I settle down on the bed with an ice pack on my back from doing gardening chores. And a magazine to read. I too miss Cottage Living. I do agree. BH&G is still great!

  6. I was DEVASTATED when Cottage Living went away! I thought, am I the only person who loves this magazine? Being in Minnesota I don't know if you're familiar with Southern Living, but it's basically been a staple of mine since I was twelve. Get a subscription!

  7. I get so excited when I open the mail box and staring back at me are a stack of magazines! I then sit down and devour them cover to cover as soon as my kiddos are tucked in for the night...I completely relate to your love of magazines!



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