{That's my Girl}

This is Abigail, or Abby as she now likes to be called. As her mother, she will always be Abigail to me, the name she was given at birth(while knowing full well she would one day be an Abby).

Abigail is my 7 year old "baby". Sometimes she reminds me so much of myself it is scary. Abby is always up for tagging along with me on my flea marketing quests and lingering at Anthropologie. She is a quintessential "momma's girl".

Abigail is in first grade this year. I LOVE first grade. I sort of feel like it is the last grade of real innocence...before "serious" school begins in the second grade. First graders are sweet, wide eyed and full of energy and enthusiasm.

In first grade, you still make Mother's Day gifts (my 4th grader did not). Abigail's wonderful teacher (the kind she will remember her whole life) had the kids make a place mat for their mom. On the front of the place mat each child had drawn a "portrait" of their mother. On the back of the place mat the teacher had asked each child what was special about their mother. She typed the responses so you were able to see what each child said about their mom, how precious the responses were!

In the spirit of this blog, I thought I would share with you all what my sweet Abigail said about me.....

Yes, right there in black and white my "Abby" says about me, "She helps me! Every night she tucks me into bed! We love going to dance together on Fridays! She is really good at making our house look like a cottage!"

Some moms bake cookies, play a mean game of Monopoly...this mom can make a house look like a cottage!!!

I love first grade, does she really have to go to second grade?

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2 comments on "{That's my Girl}"
  1. That is SO sweet!! :) What a cutie you have there!! I also love having a first grader (I have a 2nd grader too!) it's such a wonderful "buddy" age! :)

  2. Like mother like daughter!


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