Friday, July 24, 2009

Hooked on House & Home Magazine!

My frustrations with the lack of good decorating magazines has been well documented on this blog....don't even get me started....

I was so pleasantly surprised after I took a leap of faith yesterday and purchased a Canadian decorating magazine called House & Home. (BTW - I do not know how to get all my photos the same size in this post - bear with me!)

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at a magazine once again that inspired me. House & Home is not Cottage Living - think more Domino.

The content of the magazine focused on a more modern asthetic with vintage items thoughtfully placed. I love the balance! It really is the look I am going for in my own home.

A perfect example of this mix is the vintage architectural piece placed over the bed in this photo. Love it!

What are you hooked on today?

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  1. I subscribed to House & Home for many years. I gave up on it around 2006 because I was fed up with the out-of-touch-with-reality homes that they featured. The 12,000 sq ft summer cottage really pushed me over the edge!!

    A little while ago, Suzanne Dimma took over as editor. I decided to give H&H another try and picked up the June issue. Then I picked up the July & August issues too :-) H&H is SO much better now!!

    Good to hear you enjoy one of our Canadian home decor magazines :-) You might want to check out Style At Home as well. And there's a great magazine from the UK called Livingetc.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. Thanks for the tip - hello to all American magazine editors/publishers....we are having to go elsewhere for our design "fix". I will check out your suggestions!!!

  3. Will have to check out the magaznine. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Yay! Isn't House & Home great?! I found it earlier this year and think it's a nice compromise... sort of a combo of Cottage Living (my all-time fave *sniff*) and Domino. Love that last pic of the stripedy bed linens.

  5. I am still not over the loss of Domino! However, I have checked out this mag too and I like it! Thanks Canada! ~Tracy

  6. Good lead -- always on the lookout for different design mags. So many have folded their tents and disappeared!

  7. I am going to check it out~!

  8. I'll have to check this one out - love the pictures! I have a subscription to British Country Living, sometimes you just have to branch out beyond the US for a little extra inspiration I guess...

    :) T

  9. Thanks for the magazine suggestion! I love the piece above the bed...gorgeous!

  10. I believe this magazine has been cancelled.


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