Happy Wednesday evening ladies...

How is everyone doing?

Are you enjoying your week as I am? I had a small 'hiccup' in my grand plans...

My 11 year old daughter woke up on Monday morning with pink eye! Pink eye! She could not go to school which meant I did not get to do ALL the wonderfully indulgent things I had planned. Turned out to be a blessing...fun to spend the day with my silly (and quickly becoming a tween-ager) girl.

Like any good mama, I made her accompany me on all my planned errands, because, let's face it pink eye is not really "sick".

As promised, these are some of the pictures I took while in Portland, Oregon over Christmas break. I was lucky enough to get an evening out with some girlfriends for a visit to one of our favorite antique malls.

Friends Joe and Jermonne of Barn House and Cindi of Queen of Tarte had booths for the holiday event! It was so fun (and overwhelming) to shop their wonderful finds along with all the other creative dealers that have spaces at Monticello.

Being in places like this provide so much inspiration that I want to go home and re-do my entire house....or at least "fluff" it up a bit.

I even got out today and visited a favorite antique store in Minneapolis and took some great pictures, that I will share with you later in the week. Included in the pictures is a "find" that has been on my wish list for a long time.

By the way....do any of you carry a "wish list" with you? In your wallet perhaps? Of things you are looking for? For you home? With measurements and exact dimensions? Or am I alone in my "obsession"?

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  1. Oh my wish list is forever growing...cross off one thing, add six more. That's the fun...the hunt...the search for the "one perfect thing" to finish a vignette. I am forever searching to complete a project only to be inspired to take it to "the next level". LOVE your blog! Keep em' coming!

  2. I'd love to hear more about your favorite antique store in Minneapolis. We get into the cities every once in a while...

    Yes, I carry a little notebook in my purse...has all kinds of lists and dimensions and sizes and ideas...

    Stay warm ~Natalie

  3. Oh do I have a growing wish list...can't wait to see your finds...especially the "one!"

  4. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has wish lists and to carry them around. Fun blog to read.I can't wait to get to Tarte this month and I will be taking pics and posting them on my blog if your interested come see......


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