"hello, my name is Jill and I am addicted to pillows"

For as long as I can remember pillows have always been my go-to item when I feel like my rooms need a quick 'pick-me up'.

Let's face it, pillows are relatively inexpensive and can change the look of a sofa or a room quickly. And girls, sometimes (mostly during one particular time of the month) I feel like my rooms definitely NEED the instant perk-up that a new fabulous pillow provides.

And as much as I would like to control my impulse to purchase more fabulous pillows, I cannot stop.

I am excited to show you my "new" pillow.

I had purchased the vintage grain sack over a year ago at a flea market. I really did not know what I would do with it... but last week I was inspired to make my grain sack into a pillow. Not wanting to make a great investment, I decided to cut the grain sack to fit a standard sized bed pillow. Then I took it to a local embroidery shop and had the french word for 'cottage' embroidered on the pillow. I simply stitched the side closed and voila! I love it.

My new Pottery Barn catalog arrived last week and after seeing this pillow I made a trip to the store and bought one. It was a must have for this nest/bird loving woman!

My love/hate relationship with Pottery Barn has been written about before on this blog. However, you really can't beat "the Barn" for quick instant decorating gratification.

They change their throw pillow selection with the seasons and always have some great options for making your rooms look well, seasonal!

And not that Pottery Barn is sponsoring my blog or paying me big bucks for promoting their new spring line...but they are offering free shipping on online pillow orders!

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17 comments on ""hello, my name is Jill and I am addicted to pillows""
  1. I am with you on that addiction.. I drive my family totally CRAZY with my pillows.. It's the cheapest redo around I think... AND can just change the whole look of something in minutes.. What a fun post to read. I love the number pillows.. YUMMY...

  2. Hello My name is Angie and I'm a pillow-hollic. Wow That felt good!!! ;)

  3. Oh yes how I love pillows....and yours looks great...I love Pottery Barn right now myself...and those number pillows...are a must buy for me ~ the Number "1" and "3" to create 13 since that is when we were married {not at age 13 but the 13th} Anyway...you are so right about pillows!

    Hope you are having a great week and no sick kiddos this time:)

  4. Hi Jill! (isn't that what I'm supposed to say back at "the meeting"?) I was shocked by the number of retired pillows I pulled out of my master closet when we recently redid it. Shocked! Most will go to an upcoming yardsale so someone else can stuff them into their closet.
    As for PB, totally with you on the love/hate thing, but I saw their new pillows in person last weekend and those embroidered birds are particularly great. I bought a woven stripedy lumbar from the new collection and it looks perfect on my bed. Wonder how long before it's in a closet?

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say I love your new pillow! What a smart way to get a totally custom item.

  6. I am loving all the pillows, i too am addicted to pillows :) and I too have a love hate relationship with good ol Pottery barn, Z Gallerie and Restoration Hardware... ohhhh how I love thee :0 I hope you week has been off to a great start so far.


  7. I love what you did with your grain sack! Very sweet!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. lovin it!
    btw...i will head to tjm tomorrow morn;-)

  9. I know what you mean - you gotta love pottery barn. I really get inspired by the way they put things together & ohhhhh the pillows - there are always good pillows! I made my own version of the pb pillow this last week if ya want to make one for WAY less:

  10. Hi Jill!

    You are not alone! Pillows are a girls' best friend!!

    Your embroidered grain sack pillow is simply perfect! What a fabulous idea to take it to am embroidery place!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Love your grain sack pillow - super idea on the stitching too.

    I adore PB and their spring catalog has me drooling!

  12. I am a pillow sew-a-holic. Daryl, my good old friend from Vermont Cottage sent me a Pottery Barn Pillow last month. It fit right in with my collection.

    I sew decorative pillows as a sideline, so I would not likely purchase a pillow commercially sewn.

    One of these days, soooooon I will launch my on-line pillow business.

    Thanks for you post Jill.

    Susan, Daryl's friend who just moved into the cutest little cottage.

  13. Yep, I'm right along with you. My husband finally asked "don't you think we have enough pillows now?"

  14. loving all the pillows...gorgeous blog!!!, glad I found it!

  15. I love your grain sack pillow! Gah, I wish I could sew!!

  16. Love your new grain sack pillow! I also suffer from your same addiction...as you well know. Ryan always used to joke that I should open a pillow store called "A Soft Place to Land"! When I saw the PB "Nest" pillow last week I thought of you...glad you picked one up!

  17. Pillow-aholic...ahhh yes, we suffer so. If I store one more pillow my husband may send me to rehab. Love these all...I can take them off your hands if you like. Love your vibe. I have a shop in Md. full of goodies and dream of being like The Barn House.
    As I am a painter, maybe I will have to get some plain covers and hand paint....Hmmm


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