Pulled in ALL directions..............

Yep, the picture above represents the way I am feeling these days...

Everyone gets a piece of me, but never all of me...

Do you understand?

I thought you would.

'Cause us women types tend to do this to ourselves....and while we like to blame others we have no one to blame but our sorry selves.

I am a stay-at-home mom....hardly descriptive of my life.

You would think with the number of meetings I attended this week I was some corporate big-wig making the big bucks, with one of those Wall Street bonuses coming my way....

I am involved at my children's school...WAY.TOO.MUCH.....

There I said it.

I am not enjoying being involved WAY.TOO.MUCH.....

ahhhhh, I feel much better....

I long to spend time on things that matter to me.....

like hitting the gym on a regular basis....

and finding a "new career", whatever that means for my 40 year old self...

having coffee with friends......

cleaning my house....(well not so much that, but boy would it be nice to not be cleaning toilets at 10 pm at night!)....I am after all a "stay-at-home" mom.

I did get rebellious this week....

I needed to....really I did....

I had to steal away amongst old-stuff, lose myself for an hour or so in an antiques store (or two).

Do you think I will be *fired* for my indiscretions???

I even took some pictures to share with you......I hope you enjoy....

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13 comments on "Pulled in ALL directions.............."
  1. My dear,
    I could not have said or described my life any better than you just did in your post. I am almost 4o I work at my church part time, I work at my husbands shop part time and I think I work part time as a wanna be store owner of my Tattered Goods junk. I am tired too and frustrated because I never can get one thing done, hmmmm... I am happy though :) I hope you have a great weekend planned doing what you want to do.


  2. You sound like me...I quit helping at the schools..yep, just quite, I will donate stuff, go to all the events, but no more in the classrooms...go for it...set yourself FREE!!! I promise they won't go on Oprah..lol

  3. The photo of 'parts' was perfect. It describes those really busy times.
    Take time to enjoy the 'old stuff'.

  4. I hear you sister. We mom's take on way to much, trying to make everyone happy but ourselves. And we forget the saying "if mommma aint happy - nobody's happy" . We need to take care of us or we make everyone else unhappy.
    I do not volunteer at school anymore. I did it for too many years. I will send things in and such but figure it is time for other parents to step up. I am enjoying my mornings to do for "me". I am 43 and it hit me that if I dont' start doing for me now then when will I?

  5. Playing hooky in an antiques store-even just for an hour or so-is exactly how you find balance. Good job! And Stefanie's advice regarding school activities is pretty smart too: quit. I showed up at the parties and book fairs and assemblies and such ready to help but stayed away from planning and organizing duties. My daughter loved it when I came to her school, but couldn't have cared less whether I was committee chair or PTA prez or knocking myself out stuffing envelopes. Do whatever will matter to and be remembered most by your kids. Maybe then you won't feel so much like that poor pulled-apart doll :)

  6. I so get where you're coming from! I used to say that I was having a Mom's "time out", and that was my time to do as I pleased and get some sanity back! :) We need these times to be at our best later on for our family. So, go on & enjoy a little "you" time, you deserve it!

  7. So sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed. I get that way at times. I homeschool all three of our children and am not necessarily gone a lot, but just don't have much alone time. When I feel this way, I try to get out by myself for a while. It sort of rejuvinates me. Then I try to remember that it won't be long before my kids are grown and gone and then I will have way too much me time.

    God bless you. Have a great weekend.

  8. good for you! you deserve it! thanks for sharing some pix! beautiful!

  9. I totally relate.
    I find that being a stay at home mom, everyone assumes we have time to do EVERYTHING. I am always getting put on boards and committees, volunteered to do this and that.
    It's crazy.
    Hope you can find a balance.
    (One thing I refuse to give up is my Mommy Coffee Group. It is my saving grace once a week!)

  10. I will be a SAHM one week from today! Your day sounds heavenly...

  11. The doll parts made me laugh. It reminded me of an old Grey's Anatomy episode where a man was hospitalized because he swallowed 13 doll heads. They had to be surgically removed because they wouldn't pass. Luckily most the times in our life where we feel disjointed, do pass. Thanks for sharing in photos what we all feel so often!

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  13. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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