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Good evening gals!

Most of you know I live in Minnesota. And while I do a fair amount of complaining about the l....o....n.....g winters, one of the best things about living here {like most places}are the people I have met.

You may have noticed that when I redesigned my blog, I also rewrote the "About Me" section - including my desire to pursue a few passions of my own...

Just over a year ago I was lucky to meet the infamous Ki Nassauer - really the woman who made the word "junk" hip and cool, validating for all of us who love shopping for vintage that we were on to something! Ki has written books devoted to incorporating vintage items into your home decor and most recently was co-editor of Flea Market Style magazine. The Junk Bonanza Antiques Show is Ki's round-up of the 200 best junk dealers in the midwest and will be held in Shakopee, Minnesota on September 16,17 & 18.

I am honored that Ki asked me to author a blog devoted to promoting the Junk Bonanza and highlighting the Bonanza vendors! I did my first post today and thought I would share the link with you! Being able to pursue my creative passions alongside someone I have admired is a dream come true!

Included in the first post is a giveaway of two Early Bird tickets to the Junk Bonanza 2010! I would just love hearing from you, especially if you plan to attend the Junk Bonanza! How about a blog party?
10 comments on "Junk Bonanza"
  1. Congratulations, how special is that!

  2. What a great honor to be Ki's right hand blog gal and you did a great job! Can't wait to hear more of the behind the scenes stories of Junk Bonanza!

    Can you recommend a few spots in MN for good junkin? Preferably not in the city cuz we just don't have the time for traffic! (We'll do that in September when the hubbie is driving!) My daughter and I are thinking of a road trip! Thanks!

  3. Cool! I would love to know about some thrifty, junking shops in the Twin Cities area. I will be there in two weeks, visiting from Georgia. Winning the tickets would be a great reason to do some research while I'm there. Thanks!

  4. I can say i knew you back when....
    You know i'm coming...and can't wait.

  5. So exciting Jill! I think they picked the perfect girl for the job! Can't wait to hear all about it next weekend! Woot woot Farm Chicks here we come!!

  6. Hi Jill , Congratulations! I'm headed over to the new blog right now.
    Will I see you at Farm Chicks?
    Stop by and say Hi!

  7. That's great Jill! Congratulations!

    And if you read this, I left you a comment under the Serena & Lily post...I won the giveaway for the blog button but totally missed you announcing it! And I can't find your email address! So...if you (or any of your lovely readers who could direct me to your email) could stop by my blog and let me know how to claim it..I would be forever greatful!

    Thanks and congrats again!!


  8. You have a really nice blog!! Love your ideas. :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about the candy labels. It's seems that most everyone thinks they should be labeled......so now, on to making them! :)
    Have a great day.

  9. What fun, Jill! Congratulations and thank you for your note! I hope to see you at Farm Chicks!

    : )

    Julie M.


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