My girls have a "school's out" countdown calendar on the chalkboard.....

I am struggling with how I feel about school ending....for lots of reasons........

Today as I passed this chalkboard on my way to the laundry room, like 57 times, I appreciated that I was doing the 57 loads of laundry in a quiet house with no one asking me for playdates or a ride somewhere.....my days of such solitude while doing completely hideous housework are numbered.

My big girl will head to middle (gulp!) school next year.....I am sad that her elementary school years are coming to an end....but know she is ready, even if her mother is not.

I have many "projects" I want to complete before our summer vacation officially begins - some I have started and can't wait to share them with you...

Oh, and I am heading to Farm Chicks Antiques Show next weekend - with some girlfriends who I love and miss - definitely looking forward to that....

I guess I have resigned myself to.....ready or not....summer vacation is coming!

Are you ready????
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  1. Oh, I'm more than ready, although we don't end here until June 30th. But then that is the beginning of my summer holidays, two months off work (secondary school). The kids want to go lots of places for sure, but I'm home and don't have to juggle work too.

  2. nope.
    and i think i'll be talking to you every day.

  3. I am sooo ready! Summer is when I actually clean my house :-) and get caught up on projects. Every day feels like the weekend. I hope you get your projects completed!

  4. this is where I insert my whiney voice as I won't be seeing you next week. drat.
    can't wait to hear all about your time at the show though!

  5. I love your countdown to summer calendar on the chalkboard. I know if I were a kid, I'd have so much fun crossing out those days until summer arrived! :)

    Good luck with your projects and I know you will enjoy having the kids at home. Hmmm maybe summer camp??


    Looking forward to seeing your projects and hope to see some pictures from the Antique show as well. Sounds like such a fun time!

    Enjoy your weekend!



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