***and don't get all excited and stuff cause I am NOT giving away my bike!

With the help of a fabulous blog designer, Forever*Cottage recently got a major makeover (although I am thinking the new look really is more of a make-under given that she is quite simplified and sports a much cleaner look). Jenna from qadesigns was fabulous to work with and really has a fresh aesthetic that you just don't see over and over again out here in blogland.

When thinking about my logo, I really wanted something that represented the cottage lifestyle that I live in our little lake neighborhood. The bike pictured above was my 40th birthday gift from my children! During the summer, that pink bike is my primary mode of transporation.....to the beach, out for ice cream, to the parks, restaurants, farmer's market, even trips to the grocery store.

In celebration of my new blog design, I wanted to giveaway a blog button - for YOUR blog designed by Jenna of qadesigns! I am sorry if you don't have a blog...I got nothing for ya! (now anyway!)

To enter, simply leave me a comment - you could even tell me what your logo would be and why! Yep, that's it. I will close the comments on Thursday morning and announce the winner.

Have a splendid day my friends!
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  1. oh my, count me in!!! LOVE your pink bicyclette and the logo that matches~

  2. i *love* your new design..and that bicycle...sigh...divine!! i'm afraid i would have to stick with my original logo of my cow and crown...you know this prairie girl can't get enough of cows!! :0)

  3. I never saw your old design. but, i love the new one!Ohhh, how I need a button for my blog *sigh* Maybe then I can get 100 so someone can win MY GIVEAWAY!

  4. A single black shiny pebble... the name of my blog is (drumroll) the shiny pebble. yep, I am that creative!

  5. I really like your new look - very nice! I would pick a flower... probably a Heather!

  6. what if i just want your logo?
    or maybe...just your bike?
    i actually have my own pink bike;-)

  7. Ohmigosh Jill! What an awesome giveaway!! I need a button so bad!! Let's see, mine would likely be a sweet little bird!

    Your pink bike is ADORABLE!! I just talked to my husband about getting new bikes! There must be something about turning 40 and getting a bike....because my 40th is coming up! YIKES!!

    Thanks for this chance! You are a sweetie!


  8. Darn I was hoping it was the bike you were giving away! This is great, I would love a button! Hmmmm now what would it look like? Now, its got to be weird and funky, cause thats me! Ideas?

  9. That pink bicycle just caught my eye. I live on a very big lake, one of the Great Lakes. My current button is the name of our cottage: ITLLDO.
    Thanks for the great give away.

  10. I love, love the look of your blog! She did a fab job! That bike of yours WOW!

  11. I have a corny family blog that you have to sign in to read, but I would still love a cool blog button. I would probably use my favorite pic of my twins when they were about 5 months old.

    Oh and I have a bike like your's, only it's green. I can ride her year-round in Portland (unless it's really raining hard) and I love it!

  12. I have a pink and purple beach cruiser only I don't live by the beach and it's really hilly where I live! Such a cute button! I think I would like something with a crown and an S for my blog button! Will be interesting to see who wins and their new design!

    Thanks for sharing,

  13. i love your bike...and your blog.
    i'm a new follower and I can't wait to read more...

  14. Just found you today and I love the new look - actually it's the only look I know! What a great idea for a giveaway. I'm in the process of defining my "look" - for blog, website, brick and mortor.....so much to think about...it's hard to find just the right thing that helps to define you but doesn't limit you...

  15. I'm so in need of a logo. Your design is so simple and lovely!

  16. I'm loving the look of your blog. Everything looks so easy to find. If I were to win, my blog button would be a Muskoka/Adirondack chair but simplified, with simple lines and colors.

  17. My little blog is fairly new, but I would still love a button! I'm not sure exactly what I would want, just something simple :)


  18. I would have a logo of an antique chair. The chair could be a symbol for rest, inviting someone to sit down and visit, or be full of questions of its history. Life is full of moments to sit and tell a story!

  19. Whew! I love the look of your blog! I sure could use a blog button. I would say a "new" blog button, but I don't even have an old one to replace on my bloggedy blog blog. Fun giveaway!

  20. Entering!!! I love the simplicity of the logo. I'm currently trying to redesign my blog and find a flow between the header to the colors of text to the favicon to whatever else I brand. I have tried myself but am at the moment stuck! My idea is to stay simple, two colors, emphasis on the name and minimal clutter. Phew!!! Sorry I rambled. I do that a lot. Thank you!!!! Crossing my fingers and toes.....


  21. Jill! your blog is awesome, I never saw the old one, this one puts my little photography blog to shame! I would ask you to help me design a button, I know you know me and I know just how creative you are! Miss you!

  22. just so you know...i tweeted this for you yesterday!
    put me in again for the drawing.

  23. Oh how I missed your AMAZING give-a-way...I love your blog design...sigh...

  24. Love both your pink bike and your new logo! So sweet!


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