day one...of three...

You might remember from my last post that I am spending three days IN MY OWN HOME with no children. To me, this is the simplest of luxuries!

And while my head was spinning with project ideas and dreams of cleaning out closets and rearranging rooms etc.....I actually woke up quite paralyzed by the whole idea of what to do first!

Do you know what I mean?

My days are mostly dictated by children's schedules, so to have entire day to plan or accomplish things for me and me only was a bit....paralyzing, like I forgot what that was like or even how to do it! I sort of sat there in a "what do I do first" daze.

So.....I began by doing something I had to do, visit a crazy fabric warehouse for the styling project I am working on for the Junk Bonanza.

I have visited SR Harris in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota before but I am always just amazed by the amount of fabric one warehouse can actually hold.

Much of it is not good (think calico and bad polyester chenille).

But for those willing to spend some time digging, you can find some really great fabrics - for everything; upholstery, clothing, quilting, ugly bridesmaid dresses, you name it!

You might even have a place like this where you live and may not be so impressed by these pictures. But yesterday at the 2 hour mark of my visit, I thought to myself, I MUST show my blog readers this place, they are not going to believe it.

Not to worry, I sort of got my groove on in the afternoon. Cleaned out the girls' drawers to make room for new school clothes and then enjoyed dinner out with the hubby.

Stay tuned for a report on day #2....otherwise known as "the day I got computer butt"...

5 comments on "day one...of three..."
  1. What a crazy amount of fabric. Did you find what you were looking for?

    Have a fun few kidless days.

  2. That place has a CRAZY amount of fabric.. I would be overwhelmed! Enjoy the next two days!!

  3. would i sound like a bad mom if i said i was completely jealous of you & your three days of bliss?
    dear lordy!
    computer butt-that's hysterical

  4. No I don't believe it! What an amazing store, I have to shop online for my fabric. Enjoy day two.


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