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The blog world has been "buzzing" about the fabulous Barn House Flea Market and its uber-creative hosts, Joe Apodaca and Jermonne Swendell.

Cindy Dockins {aka The Queen of Tarte} has been a steadfast "partner in crime" at Barn House - participating in many of their sales, and like any diva, doing her own thang!

So...I did a bit of a happy dance when I found out that I was going to be in Portland for the Queen of Tarte's Flea Market sale which was held this Saturday at her elegantly decorated barn in Oregon City, Oregon. I am serious when I say, this barn is so beautifully decorated, I wanted to move right in.....or maybe just throw a fabulous party!

Joe, Cindy, me, my friend Allie, Jermonne

And while Cindy puts on a really great sale, with a fabulous collection of vintage goodies, she invited her good pals, the Barn House boys to join her, along with a few other vendors.

These folks know how to host a modern vintage sale - smiling faces to greet you, cupcakes, lemonade, great country tunes playing in the background, an edited collection of vintage wares, textiles that include slipcovered furniture, pillows and dishtowels, antique lighting, architectual pieces and new products with a vintage flair!

Did you notice that above I described this as a "modern vintage sale"? I really think it is the only way to describe the fresh take on vintage that Tarte and Barn House are doing. It is not about alot of stuff - just a few statement pieces (think cupboards, armoires and collections ie. ironstone), mixed with a few industrial pieces, textural pieces, objects from nature and some feminine slipcovers (preferably in white).

I left inspired!

Unfortunately, my one suitcase only holds so much so my purchases were limited. As always I bought metal storage containers - 3 for my laundry room. I promise to show you how I use them in a future blog post. Oh, and Cindy is going to make some slipcovers for the industrial stools I bought last year at the Junk Bonanza - I will show you those too.
10 comments on ".....the queen of tarte..."
  1. wow...everything looks fabulous!
    ya'll look adorable...did you plan your coordinating ensembles? :)

  2. ~*~Looks like you had an amazing time*I soo wish I could have been there!Glad you had fun!~~*~*Blessings, Rachel ;)

  3. Jealous...that is all I have 2 say (hehehe) how lucky are you? I want to get there at some point :)Enjoy your week.


  4. Hello Jill....!

    Oh you LUCKY junker....I'm FABULOUSLY envious....No....JEALOUS that you got to mix it with the BH Boys & Cindy at Tarte....I SO would LOVE to meet these guys & experience their 'magic' first hand....!!

    ** sigh **

    Can you believe there's ONLY 24 days to go now....WOOHOO....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. Great post, cute pic, fun morning spent with you! I will keep you posted on about coming your way next month! Allie

  6. Thank you for your lovely blog - I have enjoyed following it all summer. In an effort to grow, I would be honored if you consider following my blog ; )


  7. FUN!
    I just got
    back from two
    weeks in the
    Portland area....
    Some of the
    BEST antique
    and junk shops
    and sales to be
    found! Looks
    like you had
    a blast.
    xx Suzanne

  8. Jill,
    Wish I was there! It's all so gorgeous! I'm fairly certain that is what heaven looks like!

    Good luck to your Emma starting middle school. That must be a bit scary for both of you!

  9. OK I am so BUMMED all this was going on down the road a piece from me, and I had no idea!! Is this a sale that she does a couple times a year??

    Love the blog!!
    God bless.


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