An Ideas House to Inspire Your Own Holiday Home

I had a serious case of cabin fever last week after breaking my ankle and literally being forced to stay home and take it easy. In addition to not recommending breaking one's ankle for all the obvious reasons, sitting so long in ones own home can also be harmful, especially to those of us with a serious case of design ADD....oh, the plans I hatched while sitting on my couch!

Anyway.....I had planned {before breaking the ankle} to meet my friend Ki Nassauer for lunch and a little preview of the Bachman's Holiday Ideas House. I was NOT going to miss it, so my driver {oh, you didn't know I have a driver} also known as my husband made sure I got some fresh air and some fresh inspiration.

For those of you who may not know that in addition to being the Editor of Flea Market Style magazine, Ki Nassauer has also been consulting with Minneapolis based floral/home and gift retailer Bachman's. Bachman's has spent the last year adding wonderful vintage products in their retail spaces.....so fun!

On the Minneapolis Bachman's property sits a wonderful craftsman style home that has been transformed each season into an Ideas House complete with tons of vintage items and inspiring project ideas.

The picture above was taken in the totally tricked out craft/wrapping room. One wall is a plexiglass calendar backed with scrapbook paper and perfectly suited for writing on and then voila! erasing!

I loved, loved, loved the stack of old books shaped just like a.......Christmas tree!

A picture of the craft/wrapping room!!!

Presents wrapped and under the tree, in a vintage sled, no less!

A gorgeous mantel featuring a vintage window box! Love it!

Another use for Scrabble tiles!

Happy Monday everyone!
8 comments on "An Ideas House to Inspire Your Own Holiday Home"
  1. Ok, its decided. I am heading to MN next month to soak in the Holiday goodness.

    Can't wait to see Ki's magic at Bachmanns!


  2. Just bought my tickets this morning for a week from Friday! Fun to have a sneak peek though. I have been to the spring and summer idea house, and can't wait to see Christmas. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago...glad to hear you love my native Minneapolis! Not sure which lake you are near, but they are all wonderful. You are living my dream life! Well, except for the ankle thing :)

  3. Thanks for the sneak peek! I had planned on getting up there. I've been to the others and loved them! Great ideas!


  4. Oh wow I had no idea Bachmans did that! How fun. Do they open up to the general public? If so I'm so there!

    Love the stacked book christmas tree - very original!

  5. Oooh, I
    can't wait
    to see it,
    now that I
    know how much
    fun this wee
    house is to
    visit and garner
    inspiration from!
    Hope you are
    on the mend.
    Do you need a
    driver on Thursday
    for our class?
    Let me know...!
    Great pics : )
    xx Suzanne

  6. LOVE the stacked books! Simple, but so creative.

  7. Yowsers! You poor girl!!
    I hope you aren't in too much pain and that you heal quickly. Take advantage of this rest period and I hope someone delivers you a nice stack of magazines and the remote control.

    Feel better!

  8. I love the idea to put an antique sleigh under the tree filled with presents. Thanks for sharing.


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