how i got out of trick o' treating.....{don't try this at home}

It was an interesting Halloween....and definitely did not go as planned.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, that's my foot {in bad need of a pedi}. I took quite a spill on Saturday night in the dark front yard of a friend while picking up my daughter at a birthday party. I knew immediately that I had done something serious. An emergency room x-ray Halloween morning confirmed a fractured ankle.

The last 48 hours have been interesting. Afterall, I am a mom with a very needy family who relies on me to cook, clean, do laundry and provide taxi service to activities. I can't do any of it! Life certainly has a funny way of teaching you, perhaps I am to slow down a bit and my family will learn just how much I really do! Wish us all luck! {and lots of patience}....

Fortunately, my bad foot did not stop my girlies from heading out for trick o' treating. My little girl went as a girl from the 50's. The entire costume {with the exception of her cat-eye glasses} came from the thrift store! I found the skirt last year. It was made so well that I had to buy it and hope that she would wear it this year.

My big girl is 12. Those of you with kids of that age {particularly girls} will "get" this costume. I have learned that at this age, the costume must not embarrass, have a "cool" factor and preferably also be worn by your best friend. This is my big girl and her best friend - I can't really tell you what they are dressed as.....they are 12....that's the only explanation I have.

Have a great week everyone!

18 comments on "how i got out of trick o' treating.....{don't try this at home}"
  1. Get well soon. When you do can I borrow the bandage and crutches??? :) Maybe I will get a few minutes on the sofa..

  2. Goodness, girlie,
    owwwwch! Hope you
    enjoy your down-time...
    silver lining and all...
    Your girls looked
    darling for the big
    night and I love their
    costumes! Big Boy turned
    12 on Saturday and
    wasn't going to trick
    or treat, but changed
    his mind at 6PM and off
    he went with a friend : )
    Take good CARE of yourself!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Poor thing! I hope you heal quickly! :)

    The costumes are adorable!! Loving the poodle skirt and the best friends...very clever!


  4. I feel so bad for you! A couple of years ago I stepped off my back porch step onto the garden hose, broken talus bone and a walking cast for 8 weeks... in the SUMMER no less AND we only have manual transmission vehicles. I had to beg for a ride to the grocery store! Hopefully they'll give you a walking cast, crutches are the worst! Good luck,

  5. Oh gosh... I feel for you! I was on crutches for 10 weeks with a 2 year old and a newborn... not easy. Take care and rest.... a mini vacation? lol..so sorry!

  6. Oh Jill! I hope you heal fast! You have enough on your plate!

  7. My almost-11 year old would die over the best friend costume!
    So sorry about your foot.
    Well wishes,

  8. oh no!!!!!
    you poor thing!!
    i hope you heal quickly

    ps, your girls look adorable.
    madison was a 50's girl one year & was the cutest thing~

  9. Oh shoot Jill! I am so sorry! Enjoy the time off your feet! I hope you heal quickly. I owe you a call and I'm thinking you will have lots of time to chat now :)!!


  10. Sorry about your accident...hope you mend quickly!

  11. so sorry to hear about your fractured ankle. as the mother of four girls, one of them 12, i definitely get the 'best friend' costume...


  12. Oh, dear! Well, enjoy having others take care of you and catching up on your magazines! Be well.

  13. Oh no! It's a horrible things when a mom is "down" and your girls are so darn cute! My mom made a VERY simular 50's style outfit for me when I was little, I love it!

  14. What an adorable costume!! When I was young, my best friend and I used to wear those necklaces that were those same hearts. have a happy fall! xo Heather

  15. Well....just look at the bright side, Jill! You'll be waited on hand and foot! lol! Hope you're back on both feet soon, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Oh lovely, I am so sorry to hear about your ankle - it really does put a crimp on your "to do" list, doesn't it? I am sure you will get creative, and it is good for our families to really understand how much we do - which they can't really "get" until we aren't able to do it all...
    Shocking how much your eldest looks like her best friend - how fun!
    Take care and take it easy my friend,

  17. Hi Jill!

    I have been out of town so just saw this! Gosh girl, if you wanted some time off you could have just said something!! ;o) hahaha...

    Get better soon...but since you really have no choice right now, you may as well enjoy your down time, right?? Catch up on magazines, blogs, watch a few movies and let the fam get carryout!

    Get better...

  18. Just found your blog and I am really enjoying reading it. Totally love the 50's costume! Glasses are the best part, she looks so adorable.


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