Sitting in reverie....

"Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind" ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Fate and dumb luck have forced me to "sit in reverie", which more accurately could be described as .....sitting on the couch with my ankle elevated and on ice, daydreaming and watching Nate Berkus.

And while on many days I have wished for the opportunity to just sit and be still, it has been challenging for me to slow down and rely on my family to do all the things I typically handle here at our cottage.

I have found myself doing alot of daydreaming the last four days.....

Of how I can be a better "me" - and just where I want my creative goals to take me.....

Of how I am really craving color in my neutral house these days.....

Of how I can't wait to be able to lace these puppies up once again......{and oh, how I will need to by then}.....

Of how I have always wanted one of these.....and maybe it's time to "just do it".....

Of family vacations to the beach........

Of how our recent elections confirmed that ultimately Americans value our freedom and our liberty.

What have you been daydreaming about lately?

8 comments on "Sitting in reverie...."
  1. I'm daydreaming of finally moving into our new cottage and all the projects I have planned! I'm also thinking of the day when my blog will go back to house projects rather than massive posts about my kiddos :) Get better soon.

  2. I am daydreaming of a
    fun cooking class with
    a wonderful new friend
    whose posts make me smile
    and whose comments make
    me laugh!! EMBRACE this
    time, as tough as it might
    be to sit still!!!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: I AM daydreaming
    about finishing my X-mas
    shopping in the next
    week or so....And having
    December to work on
    fun projects, write cards,
    bake and ENJOY this special
    time of year without the
    pressure of shopping for

  3. I'll run for you.That is...if i put my shoes on.

  4. I am daydreaming of a Thanksgiving filled with fun and whimsy and also the perfect credenza. Random I know.

  5. I just want some peace in my life again . . too much crazy lately. Sandy:O)

  6. Poor you! I hope you are doing a rapid recovery. I am daydreaming about getting out of this rental and buying a house, about being surrounded with more color, about getting my sewing machine out and about opening an etsy shop.

  7. So sorry to hear about your spill and that ankle...ouch! If you ever need company I'd love some too.

    You have great daydreams. I haven't done enough of that lately. Maybe that's what I need. To dream a little more...ha! I have been thinking about spring break already;) Does that count:)??

    Have a great weekend...even if it is on the couch.

  8. I've been daydreaming about summer.....and winter hasn't even started yet....! lol! Hope you're feeling better each day, Jill!

    xoxo laurie


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