Details.....camera fun!

When I first started blogging I considered myself a decent photographer.
My 10 year old DSLR Nikon had served me well, taking beautiful
photos of my babies and family.

As I found my way around the blog world, however, I quickly learned that I had
alot to learn.  I wasn't "all that" when it came to photography.

Shamefully, I compared my photos to the beautiful images I found on 
other blogs and always felt less than.

This summer I invested in a new Canon DSLR camera {yep, I switched
from Nikon to Canon}.  I have had fun taking photos, experimenting
with my settings and working on taking better photos.

I love taking tight shots....especially of vignettes and details around my home.
'Cause I really believe a beautiful and personal home comes down to details....
your favorite collections, momentos, photos and food that defines
YOU and your family and, most importantly, differentiates your home from that
of your neighbors and friend.

Some of the details that define our family home, are beachy objects - coral, sea fans, shells, and driftwood collected at the Pacific, vintage clocks, garden urns, vintage silver, fresh food and YES, even vintage cat-eyed glasses {as pictured above!}.

So what are the personal details that make your home your own?
11 comments on "Details.....camera fun!"
  1. You have great shoot. I am fully agree with you, there are lots of interesting things, around us. Does 't need to go any where to capture attractive shoots.

  2. Art and Color! I treat my home as one giant collage!! It is fun!
    Hugs and enjoy your new camera!

  3. your images are great jill. i love the details too. and the first shot with the glasses on the book. my favorite.

  4. i seriously don't know what i'd do now without my camera. it was love at first shot! i think different textures make a house feel homey. oh and color. you know i love color.

  5. such pretty images girlie!
    i love having seasonal touches around the home...not too much though ;)
    and i loves stacks of books


  6. i constantly struggle with my inability to take good photos for my blog. I don't have a good camera - just a Kodak point-and-shoot. It's something I find constantly frustrating. Your photos always look excellent to me.

  7. I have a long way to go in the photo department. I'm still using a point and click type camera, one of these day's I'd like to get a big girl camera! LOL

    Your right about the details. They make such a difference in a home. Personally, it's the flowers and the rusty, crusty items in my home that I like the most.

  8. i love taking photos! i need to invest in a top quality camera! just hard handing over all that change! the photos look great!

    ashley over @

  9. Where did you get that mug tree!?! It is so beautiful!!! I have been looking for a mug tree for so long and it seems you have the one for me lol. I am in love! Please don't tell I can't find one for myself :(


  10. lol! Yeah....I thought the same thing until I started blogging, Jill! When I saw all the stunning photos out there, it helped me realize that it's all in the "light". I love seeing things in my house and gardens through my camera lens. Really makes me appreciate everything about this old farmhouse. :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. I found your site from pinterest...I am looking for a vintage bottle drying rack (or copycat). Where is yours from?


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